Chronicles of Huayang

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Chronicles of Huayang
Traditional Chinese華陽國志
Simplified Chinese华阳国志

The Chronicles of Huayang or Huayang Guo Zhi is the oldest extant gazetteer of a region of China. It was compiled by Chang Qu during the Jin Dynasty. It contains roughly 110,000 characters. Its contents comprise history, geography and individuals of its region. It was used by the Liu Song Dynasty historian Pei Songzhi in his annotations to the Records of the Three Kingdoms, and by the Tang Dynasty prince Li Xian when he wrote his commentaries on the Book of the Later Han.

The Chronicles of Huayang is also rendered in English as:

  • Annals of Huayang Country
  • Huayang National Annals
  • Records of the States South of Mount Hua
  • Annals of the Kingdoms South of Mount Hua

Hong Liangji said that Chronicles of Huayang is one of the oldest extant Chinese gazetteers, along with the Yue Jue Shu (越絶書).


There are twelve chapters in Chronicles of Huayang, the first four are on the history and descriptions of ancient polities of the region, while the following chapters are chronological history of the region from the Later Han to the Cheng Han period, with the last few covering the biographies of notable men and women in the area.[1]

# Title Translation Notes
Volume 1 巴志 Records of Ba
Volume 2 漢中志 Records of Hanzhong
Volume 3 蜀志 Records of Shu
Volume 4 南中志 Records of Nanzhong Nanzhong was also called Ning Province (寧州)
Volume 5 公孫劉二牧志 Biographies of Gongsun and the two Governor Lius Gongsun Shu, Liu Yan, Liu Zhang
Volume 6 劉先主志 Biography of the Former Lord Liu Liu Bei
Volume 7 劉後主志 Biography of the Later Lord Liu Liu Shan
Volume 8 大同志 Records of the Great Unity Records of events in the late Three Kingdoms period and the early Jin Dynasty
Volume 9 李特雄期壽勢志 Biographies of Li Te, Li Xiong, Li Qi, Li Shou and Li Shi Li Te, Li Xiong, Li Qi, Li Shou, Li Shi
Volume 10 先賢士女總讚論 Overall discussion on the former worthies and exemplary men and women Some notable persons who lived before the Jin Dynasty
Volume 11 後賢志 Biographies of later worthies Some notable persons who lived during the Jin Dynasty
Volume 12 序志 Appendix Some notable men and women from Yi, Liang and Ning provinces who lived during the Western Han Dynasty


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