The Chronicles of Ramlar

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The Chronicles of Ramlar
The Chronicles of Ramlar cover
Designer(s) Tony Lee
Publisher(s) White Silver Publishing, Inc.
Publication date 2006
Genre(s) Fantasy
System(s) A/B (Armor/Body)
Cover Art by Larry Elmore

The Chronicles of Ramlar is a fantasy role-playing game released by Whitesilver Publishing Inc.[1] and created by John Anthony Prescott. It is most well known[who?]for its multitude of fantasy races, rich pantheon, and new approach to game play.


After they reprinted the Sovereign Stone core rules and Games Master screen for d20 3.5, the small press company White Silver Publishing started putting effort into The Chronicles of Ramlar (2006) before the company crashed and burned amidst a lawsuit and unpaid bills.[2]


The Ramlar referred to in the title is not the name of the world, but its creator, an omnipotent deity who rules over the many other gods and goddesses who rule various aspects of the world. The world itself is divided into two continents, default gameplay beginning on the continent of Eranon.


Ramlar uses a combat system called "The A/B System" (short for Armor/Body). Character sheets prominently display a body diagram. The body diagram is essentially a hit location chart with each body part having its own life points and armor to protect that part. Ramlar also makes use of a combat mechanic called momentum, which allows players to turn previous success into an opportunity for potentially larger successes. The game uses percentile dice.


The Chronicles of Ramlar was nominated for the 2008 ENnie Award for Best Cover Art.[citation needed]

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