Chronica Slavorum

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For Arnold of Lübeck's chronicle, see Arnoldi Chronica Slavorum.
Chronica Slavorum
Chronicle of the Slavs
Papłoński Helmolda Kronika Słowiańska.jpeg
Chronica Slavorum translated to Polish language by Jan Papłoński in 1862.
Language Latin
Date 1168-1169
Genre History

Chronica Slavorum or Chronicle of the Slavs is a medieval chronicle which accounts the pre-Christian culture and religion of Polabian Slavs, written by Helmold (ca. 1120 – after 1177), a Saxon priest and historian. It describes events related to North-West Slavic tribes known as the Wends up to 1171.[1]


It is a continuation of Deeds of bishops of the Hamburg Church by Adam of Bremen and was continued by Arnold of Lübeck's Chronica Slavorum.


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