Chronica Slavorum

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Chronica Slavorum, original title: Chronica Sclavorum
Chronicle of the Slavs
Papłoński Helmolda Kronika Słowiańska.jpeg
Chronica Slavorum translated to Polish language by Jan Papłoński in 1862.
Language Latin
Date 1168-1169
Genre History

Chronica Sclavorum or Chronicle of the Slavs is a medieval chronicle which accounts the pre-Christian culture and religion of Polabian Slavs, written by Helmold (ca. 1120 – after 1177), a Saxon priest and historian. It describes events related to North-West Slavic tribes known as the Wends up to 1171.[1]


It is a continuation of Deeds of bishops of the Hamburg Church by Adam of Bremen and was continued by Arnold of Lübeck's Chronica Slavorum.


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