Chrono.Naut / Nuclear Guru

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Chrono.Naut / Nuclear Guru
Electric Wizard chrono cd.jpg
EP (split) by Electric Wizard and Orange Goblin
Released January 9, 1998
Genre Doom metal
Stoner metal
Length 30:55
Label Man's Ruin Records
Electric Wizard chronology
Chrono.Naut / Nuclear Guru
Orange Goblin chronology
Nuclear Guru
(1997) Nuclear Guru1997
Chrono.Naut / Nuclear Guru
(1997) Chrono.Naut / Nuclear Guru1997
Time Travelling Blues
(1998) Time Travelling Blues1998
Orange Goblin side
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Chrono.Naut / Nuclear Guru is a split EP featuring the bands Electric Wizard and Orange Goblin, re-releasing Chrono.Naut and Nuclear Guru on CD, which had both previously been released separately on vinyl in 1997. It is the second split release to feature the two bands, the first of which was in 1995.[1]

Track listing[edit]

Electric Wizard[edit]

  1. "Chrono.Naut / Chrono.Naut Phase II" – 17:06

Orange Goblin[edit]

  1. "Nuclear Guru" – 6:47
  2. "Hand of Doom" (Black Sabbath) – 7:02


Electric Wizard[edit]

Orange Goblin[edit]

  • Ben Ward – guitar, vocals
  • Pete O'Malley – guitar
  • Martyn Millard – bass
  • Chris Turner – drums


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