Chronological list of Christian theologians in the 4th century

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A list of 4th century Christian Theologians:

Name Birth Birthplace Death Place of Death Notes
Arius c. AD 250 Libya c. AD 336 Alexandria Deacon in Alexandria, Declared Heretical at the First Council of Nicaea
Anthony the Great c. AD 251 Herakleopolis Magna c. AD 356 Mount Colzim Father of Hermetic Monasticism
Eusebius of Caesarea c. AD 263 Caesarea Maritima c. AD 339 Bishop of Caesarea, Church Historian
Pachomius c. AD 292 Thebes c. AD 348 Founder of Christian Cenobitic Monasticism
Athanasius of Alexandria c. AD 296 Alexandria 2 May AD 373 Bishop of Alexandria, Doctor of the Church
Hilary of Poitiers c. AD 300 Poitiers c. AD 386 Bishop of Poitiers, Doctor of the Church, sometimes known as "Athanasius of the West"
Cyril of Jerusalem c. AD 313 Caesarea Maritima c. AD 386 Jerusalem Bishop of Jerusalem, Doctor of Church
Didymus the Blind c. AD 313 c. AD 398 Teacher of the Catechetical School of Alexandria
Basil of Caesarea c. AD 329 Caesarea Mazaca 1 January AD 379 Caesarea Mazaca One of the three Cappadocian Fathers, Bishop of Caesarea Mazaca, Doctor of the Church, Brother of Gregory of Nyssa
Gregory of Nazianzus c. AD 329 Arianzus 25 January c. AD 389 Arianzus One of the three Cappadocain Fathers, Doctor of the Church
Gregory of Nyssa c. AD 335 Caesarea Mazaca c. AD 395 Nyssa One of the three Cappadocian Fathers, Bishop of Nyssa, Brother of Basil of Caesarea
Meletius of Antioch c. AD 381 Antioch Bishop of Antioch
Augustine of Hippo 13 November AD 354 Thagaste 28 August AD 430 Hippo Regius Bishop of Hippo Regius, Prolific Theologian

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