Chronological list of saints in the 2nd century

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A list of 2nd-century saints:

Name Birth Birthplace Death Place of death Notes
Sarbel and Barbe     101  
Phocas     102   Bishop of Sinope
Evaristus   Bethlehem, Palestine 105 Rome, Roman Empire Bishop of Rome
Zachary     106   Bishop of Vienne
Charbel     107  
Eudokia of Heliopolis     107  
Ignatius of Antioch 35   107 Rome, Roman Empire Patriarch of Antioch
Rufus and Zosimus     107 Rome, Roman Empire
Simeon of Jerusalem   Galilee 107 Jerusalem, Iudaea Province Patriarch of Jerusalem
Hyacinth     108 Caesarea, Cappadocia chamberlain to emperor Trajan
Antiochus of Sulcis     110  
Zosimus     110  
Eleuchadius     112   Bishop of Ravenna
Publius 33 Malta 112 Athens, Greece legendary bishop of Malta
Romulus     112   [1]
Flavius Latinus of Brescia     115   Bishop of Brescia
Quirinus of Neuss     116  
Zacchaeus of Jerusalem     116   Bishop of Jerusalem
Astius     117   Bishop of Dyrrachium
Hermione of Ephesus     117  
Maurus, Pantalemon and Sergius     117 Bisceglie, Apulia
Thecla     117  
Eustace     118  
Terentian     118   Bishop of Todi
Pope Alexander I   Rome, Roman Empire 119 Rome, Roman Empire
Secundus of Asti     119  
Seraphia   Rome, Roman Empire 119 Rome, Roman Empire
Getulius and companions   Gabii, Roman Empire 120 Gabii, Roman Empire
Marcian of Tortona     120  
Matthias of Jerusalem     120   Bishop of Jerusalem
Symphorosa and her seven sons     120  
Theodora     120  
Faustinus and Jovita   Brescia, Roman Empire 121 Brescia, Roman Empire
Philetus and companions     121 Illyria
Sixtus I   Rome, Roman Empire 125 Rome, Roman Empire Bishop of Rome
Thamel and Companions     125  
Exuperius and Zoe     127  
Sabina   Rome, Roman Empire 127 Rome, Roman Empire
Quadratus of Athens     129   Bishop of Athens
Ariadne of Phrygia     130  
Auspicius     130   Bishop of Trier
Balbina     130 Rome, Roman Empire
Calocerus     130   Bishop of Ravenna
Crescentian     130 Sardinia
Papias     130 Smyrna Bishop of Hierapolis
Theodore and Pausilippus     130 Byzantium
Hermes     132 Rome, Roman Empire
Juvenal of Benevento   Narni, Italy 132  
Judas Cyriacus     133   Bishop of Ancona
Ovidius   Sicily 135  
Herodion of Antioch     136   Bishop of Antioch
Castritian     137 Milan, Roman Empire Bishop of Milan
Telesphorus   Greece 137 Rome, Roman Empire Bishop of Rome
Corebus     138  
Eleutherius and Anthia     138   Bishop of Illyria and his mother
Oliva of Brescia     138  
Peregrinus     138   Bishop of Terni
Marina 119   139  
Hyginus   Athens, Greece 140 Rome, Roman Empire Bishop of Rome
Julian of Sora   Dalmatia 150 Sora, Campania, Italy
Paternus of Auch   Bilbao, Spain 150 Auch, France Bishop of Auch
Patiens     150   Bishop of Metz
Philo and Agathopodes     150  
Novatus   Rome, Roman Empire 151  
Pius I   Aquileia, Roman Empire 154 Rome, Roman Empire Bishop of Rome
Germanicus of Smyrna     155 Smyrna
Polycarp 69   155 Smyrna Bishop of Smyrna
Felicitas of Rome and her seven sons 101 Rome, Roman Empire 165 Rome, Roman Empire
Ptolemaeus and Lucius     165 Rome, Roman Empire
Justin Martyr 100 Flavia Neapolis 165 Rome, Roman Empire
Abercius of Hieropolis     167   Bishop of Hierapolis
Pope Anicetus   Emesa, Syria 167 Rome, Roman Empire Bishop of Rome
Daniel of Padua     168  
Pontianus (Pontian)     169 Spoleto, Roman Empire
Constantius of Perugia     170   Bishop of Perugia
Hermias     170 Comana, Cappadocia
Severinus, Exuperius, and Felician     170 Vienne, Gaul
Thraseas     170 Smyrna Bishop of Eumeneia, Phrygia
Dionysius     171 Corinth, Greece Bishop of Corinth
Apollinaris Claudius     175   Bishop of Hierapolis
Sagar of Laodicea     175   Bishop of Laodicea
Speusippus, Eleusippus, and Melapsippus     175  
Victor and Corona     176  
Alexander     177 Lyons, Gaul
Blandina   Lyons, Gaul 177 Lyons, Gaul
Glyceria     177 Heraclea, Propontis
Pothinus 87   177 Lyons, Gaul Bishop of Lyon
Martyrs of Lyons   177 Lyons, Gaul
Pope Soter   Fondi, Roman Empire 177 Rome, Roman Empire Bishop of Rome
Epipodius and Alexander     178  
Concordius   Rome, Roman Empire 178 Spoleto, Roman Empire
Symphorianus     178  
Hegesippus 110   180 Jerusalem, Palaestina
Herculanils     180 Porto, Roman Empire
Leucius     180   Bishop of Brindisi
Melito of Sardis     180   Bishop of Sardis
Philip of Gortyna     180   Bishop of Gortyna
Pinytus     180   Bishop of Cnossus, Crete
Scillitan Martyrs     180 Scillium, Africa Province
Theophilus of Antioch     181   Bishop of Antioch
Antoninus     186  
Apollonius the Apologist   Rome, Roman Empire 186 Rome, Roman Empire
Pope Eleuterus   Nicopolis, Greece 189 Rome, Roman Empire Bishop of Rome
Dathus     190   Bishop of Ravenna
Faustus of Milan     190 Milan, Roman Empire
Julius of Rome   Rome, Roman Empire 190 Rome, Roman Empire
Dionysius of Vienne     193   Bishop of Vienne
Serapion of Macedonia     195 Macedonia
Theophilus of Caesarea     195   Bishop of Caesarea
Victor I   Africa Province 199 Rome, Roman Empire Bishop of Rome
Liberius of Ravenna     200   Bishop of Ravenna
Pantaenus     200  

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