Chronology (Bryn Haworth album)

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Chronology (Bryn Haworth album).jpg
Studio album by Bryn Haworth
Released 1989
Label (Word Records) MYRR 1264

Chronology is the tenth studio album by Bryn Haworth.

A compilation of works released on previous albums, it was released by Word Records (UK) on the Myrrh Label as MYRR 1264. It was also released on cassette and CD.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Grappenhall Rag"
  2. "Good Job"
  3. "Pick Me Up"
  4. "Grand Arrival"
  5. "Keep The Ball Rolling"
  6. "It's You I Need"
  7. "City Boy"
  8. "The Gap"
  9. "New World Coming"
  10. "Pass It On"
  11. "Perfect Love"
  12. "Awake O Zion"
  13. "Mountain Mover"
  14. "Anywhere You Want To Be"

Although the album had been deleted, it was re-released on download on 22 September 2015.[1]


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