Chronotherapy (treatment scheduling)

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Chronotherapy (treatment scheduling)
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Chronotherapy, also called chronotherapeutics[1] or chronotherapeutic drug delivery,[2] refers to the use of circadian or other rhythmic cycles of a condition's symptoms and/or of the individual being treated in the application of therapy.[2] Examples of this are treatments of psychiatric and somatic diseases that are administered according to a schedule that corresponds to these rhythms in order to maximize effectiveness and minimize side effects of the therapy.[3]

Chronotherapy is used in various clinical fields such as the treatments of asthma,[4][5] cancer, hypertension,[6] and multiple types of depression, among others seasonal affective disorder and bipolar disorder.

Chronotherapy is also becoming increasingly popular in non-clinical settings, for example on the work floor, where it is used to increase productivity and performance.[citation needed]

Methods of chronotherapy[edit]

Methods of pharmaceutical chronotherapy[edit]

  • Imitative/Mimetic: Imitating the natural changes in a certain substance in the body.
  • Preventive/Precautionary: Taking medicines at the moment that they are most necessary, for example taking hypertension medicine at the time of day that the blood pressure is rising.
  • Wake therapy

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