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Mouth of Chrudimka into Elbe.jpg
mouth of Chrudimka into Elbe in Pardubice
Country Czech Republic
Region Pardubice Region
 - right Novohradka
Cities Hlinsko, Slatiňany, Chrudim, Pardubice
 - location Českomoravská vrchovina, Pardubice Region, Czech Republic
 - elevation 700 m (2,297 ft)
Mouth Elbe
 - location Pardubice, Pardubice Region, Czech Republic
 - elevation 216 m (709 ft)
Length 104.4 km (65 mi)
Basin 872 km2 (337 sq mi)
Discharge mouth
 - average 7.68 m3/s (271 cu ft/s)

Chrudimka is a river in the Pardubice Region in the Czech Republic. It is a left tributary of Labe, beginning near Hlinsko and flowing mostly northward to the city of Pardubice.

Coordinates: 50°03′N 15°47′E / 50.050°N 15.783°E / 50.050; 15.783