Chrysler Chronos

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Chrysler Chronos
Manufacturer Chrysler
Production 1998
Layout FR layout
Engine 6.0L (366 ci) OHC V10, 350 hp
Wheelbase 130.9 in (3327 mm)
Length 205.4 in (5217 mm)
Width 76.5 in (1942 mm)
Height 52.7 in (1338 mm)
Curb weight 4209 lb (1909 kg)

The Chrysler Chronos was a concept car created by Chrysler. It was first shown in 1998. The Chrysler Chronos has a similarity in design to the 1953 Chrysler D'Elegance concept car as well as a similarity to the production model Chrysler 300C.

Description of the Chronos[edit]

Interior View

The Chronos is equipped with a normally aspirated 6.0L (366 ci) OHC V10 engine (built from three 4.7L V8's) with around 350 horsepower (58.3 bhp/Liter). The design of the concept has some similarity to the classic 1950s Virgil Exner-era cars. The Chronos has aluminum wheels, a huge wheelbase, and RWD.