Chrysopsis mariana

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Maryland golden-aster
Chrysopsis mariana.png
Scientific classification
C. mariana
Binomial name
Chrysopsis mariana
(L.) Elliott
  • Diplogon mariana (L.) Raf.
  • Diplogon marianum (L.) Raf.
  • Diplopappus marianus (L.) Cass. ex Hook.
  • Heterotheca mariana (L.) Shinners
  • Inula glandulosa Lam.
  • Inula mariana L.

Chrysopsis mariana, known as the Maryland golden-aster, is a North American species of plants in the sunflower family. The Maryland golden-aster ranges from Rhode Island and New York, west to Kentucky and southern Ohio, and south as far as Florida and Texas.[2]

Compared to other asters, the Maryland golden-aster has broader leaves and larger flowers. Because of its silky stems, the Maryland golden-asters are also known as silkgrass. Like its relatives the Prairie golden-aster and the Grass-leaved golden-aster, the Maryland golden-aster blooms only from August to October. The Maryland golden-aster grows one to two feet tall.[3][4]


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