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Chrysostom Blashkevich, OSB (January 27, 1915, Bely, Tver Oblast, Russian Federation - October 3, 1981, Niederalteich, Germany) was a Benedictine monk of Russian origin. Blashkevich was born in a Russian Orthodox family. During World War II was recruited into the Soviet Army, where turned his coat and served as interpreter in the German Army. In 1945 was converted to Catholicism and entered the Benedictine Order, being dean of the Monks of Byzantine Rite in Nideralteich Abbey in Germany.

Father Blashkevich was engaged in Catholic ecumenism with other Christian religions but he was also a critic of desacralisation of Catholic doctrine in relation to the dialogue with Protestant denominations and the real intentions of the Orthodox Christians in the ecumenism.


A graduate of the Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages (1936-1941), was a rural teacher in the Smolensk region. As a student Blashkevich belonged to the so-called Alexei Mechev of Moscow's circle who had in the Transfiguration Church in Dimitrov his secret center. The Orthodox Bishop of Dmitrov Seraphim (Zvezdinsky) brought him to the community of spiritual instruction. During the Second World War he was a deserter, served as a military translator for the Nazis. In 1944 in Poland adopted Catholicism. In 1946 he entered the Benedictine monastery of in Niederalteich, where in 1947 was tonsured. From 1947 to 1951 made philosophical and theological studies at the University of Passau, and from 1951 to 1954 in Russicum in Rome. In 1952 Blashkevich was ordained a deacon in the same year to the rank of priest of the Byzantine rite. He served in the Russian apostolate in the Diaspora, who continues the tradition of Russian Synodal ceremony.

Scientific work[edit]

In 1954 Blashkevich defended his doctoral thesis on " Pomeranian answers as reflecting the teachings of Russian Old Believers first quarter of the 18th century." He worked as an assistant professor of Russian church history at the University of Salzburg. Their researches were published under the pseudonym "Andrew White Sea," or as "Hieromonk Chrysostomos," without giving names. In the USSR, the magazine Science and Religion put two of his pamphlets" Rule Does deniers religion, "and" deniers are right if the Church? "angry article.[clarification needed] Collaborated with Russian publishers in Diaspora " Life with God "in Brussels and Russian Center. Vladimir Solovyov at Fortdamskom University in New York. The library Betty Ambiveri at the center of " Christian Russia "in Seriate , Italy Blashkevicha for books with his autograph .


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