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Chu or CHU may refer to:

Chinese history[edit]

  • Chu (state) (c. 1030 BC – 223 BC), a state during the Zhou dynasty
  • Western Chu (206 BC – 202 BC), a state founded and ruled by Xiang Yu after the collapse of Qin dynasty
  • Chu (403–404), a state founded by Huan Xuan during the Jin dynasty
  • Chu (Ten Kingdoms) (907–951), a kingdom during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period
  • Da Chu (1127), a puppet state installed by the Jurchen Jin dynasty during the Jin–Song wars




  • Chu (song), a song by Korean girl group f(x)
  • Mr. Chu, a song by Korean girl group Apink

Other uses[edit]

CHU may refer to: