Chu Guangxi

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Chu Guangxi
Tang dynasty poet Chu Guangxi.jpg
Chu Guangxi, painted by Kanō Tsunenobu in the 18th century.
Native name
Died760 (aged 53–54)
760 (aged 52–53)
Guangdong, China
OccupationPoet, politician
Notable work
"Mutong Ci"
"Diaoyu Wan"
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese儲光羲
Simplified Chinese储光羲

Chu Guangxi (Chinese: 儲光羲, 706/707–760) was a Tang Dynasty poet.


Chu Guangxi was born in around 706 or 707,[a] and was originally from Yan Province (modern-day Shandong Province).[1]

In the last year of the Tianbao era he was appointed investigating censor (simplified Chinese: 监察御史; traditional Chinese: 監察御史).[1] He was implicated in the An Lushan Rebellion and exiled to Lingnan.[2]

He died in around 760.[b]


His surviving poems, such as "Mutong Ci" (牧童詞 mù tóng cí) and "Diaoyu Wan" (釣魚灣 diào yú wān), are simple, elegant and pastoral.[3]


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