Chu Kochen Honors College, Zhejiang University

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Chu Kochen Honors College, Zhejiang University
Motto Incessant Pursuit
Type Honors Program
Established 2000
President Wu Zhaohui (吴朝晖)
Location Hangzhou, China

Chu Kochen Honors College (simplified Chinese: 竺可桢学院; traditional Chinese: 竺可楨學院; abbr. CKHC), is an elite undergraduate college of Zhejiang University.


The college is named after the former President of Zhejiang University, the meteorologist, geologist and educator Chu Kochen (a.k.a. Coching Chu, or ZHU Kezhen, depending on the method of spelling).[1] The college traces its historical origins to 1984, and was established in May 2000. The current Vice-president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Pan Yunhe (also the former President of Zhejiang University), was the first director of the college. The current (as of 2012) director is the President of Zhejiang University and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yang Wei .

Every year,about 400 (out of ~6000 freshmen) top students are thoughtfully selected from excellent senior high graduates who were enrolled before National College Entrance Examination from all around the nation, or who had impressive performance in the Examination. Currently it has students of 1800. The college adopts an open and circulating system in which outstanding students from other colleges in Zhejiang University get chances to join after the test, and certain students unadaptable to the college's mode can choose to leave for other colleges. After finishing the special training project, students will receive their graduation certificate and diploma. The more excellent ones will receive CKC Honors Certificate of Zhejiang University.

As an “experimental plot” in the teaching reform of Zhejiang University, Chu Kochen Honors College has actively engaged in the exploration and practice of cultivation model, curriculum provision, credit system, tutorial system and other management mechanism, which is a great drive force and model in the educational reform of the university. Thus, Chu Kochen Honors College has been widely recognized by other universities at home and abroad and enjoys a high reputation in society. In 2005, a project named “The Exploration and Practice of Cultivating Top-notch Talents with Spirit of Innovation for Twenty Years”, which mainly involves the teaching reform of the Mixed Class (Honors Program of Engineering) and Chu Kochen Honors College, won the first prize of National Teaching Achievements.[2]


In 1984, Zhejiang University initiated a pilot project called Mixed Class (i.e., Honors Program of Engineering), which “mixes” outstanding freshmen from different departments into an elite class, where the strength of Zhejiang University’s engineering courses can be combined with the advantage of her long-established science courses.

In May 2000, Chu Kochen Honors College was established on the basis of Mixed Class (Honors Program of Engineering), Undergraduate Program for Advanced Engineering Education, Intensive Training Program of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The diverse model of Mixed Class (Honors Program of Engineering) was then extensively applied to more elite students in the Honors Programs of Liberal Arts&Social Sciences, Sciences, and Engineering.

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  • Wu Zhaohui, President of Zhejiang University [3]
  • Dr. Su, Xiao, Department Chair at San-José State University [4]
  • Zhou Ruhong, Manager of Soft Matter Theory and Simulation at IBM Research, AAAS Fellow and APS Fellow.[5]
  • Zhao Jian, founder and CEO of Insigma Group[6]


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