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Not to be confused with Chongqing.

The Chuanqing people (Chinese: 穿青人) are a Han Chinese subgroup. They are said to be descended from Han Chinese soldiers who were sent to Guizhou area in the eighth and ninth centuries to quell Miao rebellions. The Chuanqings view themselves as a distinct people group[citation needed]. Most of them live in Anshun area of Guizhou province. Other locals call the Chuanqings "Da Jiao Ban" (Big Foot) or "Da Xiuzi" (Big Sleeves).


The Liupanshui City Ethnic Gazetteer (2003:178)[1] lists the following names for the Chuanqing people of Liupanshui prefecture.

  • Turen 土人
  • Limin 里民 (some of who call themselves Li 黎族)
  • Liminzi 里民子/里珉子

The Chuanqing are also given various exonyms by the following ethnic groups.[1]

  • Yi: Shaloumi 沙楼米
  • Miao: Sagelou 撒格娄
  • Buyi: Hayao 哈腰
  • Gelao: Baosha 褒沙


The Liupanshui City Ethnic Gazetteer (2003:178)[1] lists populations for the following counties in Liupanshui prefecture.

  • Liupanshui City: 14,227 households, 71,457 persons
  • Liuzhi Special District: 2,466 households, 12,330 persons
  • Pan County: 811 households, 4,048 persons
  • Shuicheng County: 10,950 households, 54,752 persons


The Chuanqing speak a Sinitic language. There is frequent SOV word order.[1]


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