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Chuanyue (穿越) is a Chinese genre of fiction where the protagonist travels back in time to historical periods.

The first modern work of the genre is said to be A Step into the Past by Hong Kong writer Huang Yi. Famous works that can be categorized as chuanyue includes many of the works published by Qidian Chinese Network, such as Illumine Lingao.

A popular sub-genre is Qingchuan (清穿), where the often female protagonist travels back to the Qing dynasty and engages in romance with the sons of Qing Emperors. The three novels Bubu Jingxin,[1] Meng Hui Da Qing, and Yao Hua are the first three Qingchuan novels. They are also called "the three hills of Qingchuan novel".[citation needed] Qingchuan novels are of great popularity among Chinese people, especially the young women. Some of the novels like Bu Bu Jingxin are so popular that they have already been adapted into TV series. These TV series has won great audience ratings since broadcast.


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