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Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award is an annual award given by the National Basketball Association to a longtime NBA coach's life in basketball and his "standard of integrity, competitive excellence and tireless promotion" of the game. The inaugural award winner was Tommy Heinsohn. The award is named after former NBA Head coach Chuck Daly.[1][2]


* Elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
Season Executive Nationality Teams coached
2008–09 Tom Heinsohn  United States Boston Celtics (1969–78)
2009–10 Jack Ramsay  United States Philadelphia 76ers (1968–72)
Buffalo Braves (1972–76)
Portland Trail Blazers (1976–86)
Indiana Pacers (1986–88)
Tex Winter  United States Houston Rockets (1971–73)
Chicago Bulls (1985–99) (assistant coach)
Los Angeles Lakers (1999–2008) (assistant coach)
2010–11 Lenny Wilkens  United States Seattle SuperSonics (1969–72; 1977–86)
Portland Trail Blazers (1974–76)
Cleveland Cavaliers (1986–93)
Atlanta Hawks (1993–2000)
Toronto Raptors (2000–03)
New York Knicks (2004–05)
2011–12 Pat Riley  United States Los Angeles Lakers (1981–90)
New York Knicks (1991–95)
Miami Heat (1995–2003; 2005–08)
2012–13 Bill Fitch  United States Cleveland Cavaliers (1970–79)
Boston Celtics (1980–83)
Houston Rockets (1983–88)
New Jersey Nets (1989–92)
Los Angeles Clippers (1994–98)
2013–14 Bernie Bickerstaff  United States Seattle SuperSonics (1985–89; 1989–90)
Denver Nuggets (1995–96)
Washington Bullets/Wizards (1997–99)
Charlotte Bobcats (2004–07)
Los Angeles Lakers (2012)
2014–15 Dick Motta  United States Chicago Bulls (1968–76)
Washington Bullets (1976–80)
Dallas Mavericks (1980–87; 1994–96)
Sacramento Kings (1990–91)
Denver Nuggets (1996–97)
2015–16 K. C. Jones  United States Capital/Washington Bullets (1973–76)
Boston Celtics (1983–88)
Seattle SuperSonics (1990–92)
Jerry Sloan  United States Chicago Bulls (1979–82)
Utah Jazz (1988–2011)



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