Chuck Lenzie Generating Station

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Chuck Lenzie Generating Station is a 1,102-megawatt (1,478,000 hp) gas-fired power station located in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Power is generated by two D-11 steam turbines powered by four 7FA combustion turbines.[1] The plant is the first owned since a plant built in 1955.[2]


The facility began construction in 2004 as a Duke Energy, power station. The plant was sold to NV Energy and began production in 2006.


Since it is located in a desert where water is limited, the plant uses a six-story-high dry cooling system.[1]


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Coordinates: 36°23′00″N 114°55′19″W / 36.3833°N 114.9219°W / 36.3833; -114.9219