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Rugrats includes a large array of characters: family, friends, extended relatives, townspeople, and fictional characters. This is a list of characters from the Nickelodeon animated television series.

Main characters


Thomas Malcolm Pickles (E. G. Daily) is the child of Stuart "Stu" Pickles, an inventor, and Diane "Didi" Pickles (nee Kropotkin), a schoolteacher, and serves as the series' protagonist. Many episodes take place in the Pickles family home and are centered around him and his family. In the series' pilot, "Tommy's First Birthday", he is a year old and presumably, he remains that age throughout the entirety of the show's run, despite hitting developmental milestones b; he is the youngest of the babies until the birth of his brother, Dylan, in The Rugrats Movie (1998). Tommy is white, bald, and toothless (with the exception of "Weaning Tommy", in which he begins teething) and is most commonly seen wearing a light blue t-shirt and diaper with no shoes, unlike the other babies, who are typically fully dressed. As he is an infant, Tommy is often seen crawling but he is able to walk, albeit somewhat unsteadily and pigeon toed, and uses his diaper as a pocket, keeping his screwdriver in there among other things. Tommy is a brave child, with a strong sense of justice, always eager for an adventure and unafraid to stand up for what is right. His best friends are Chuckie and his dog Spike.


Charles Crandall Norbert Finster, Jr. (Christine Cavanaugh; Nancy Cartwright), more commonly referred to as Chuckie Finster, is the child of Charles “Chas” Finster, a bureaucrat, and his late spouse, Melinda Finster, and is Tommy’s best friend. Unlike Tommy, Chuckie is clumsy and timid; he rarely expresses any desire to go on one of the babies’ adventures, instead listing all the reasons they shouldn’t go on one, and, whenever Angelica tries to bully them, he unquestionably accepts her treatment and gives into her demands, if she has any. Chuckie is two years old, making him the eldest of the babies, and so, he is the first of them to be toilet trained. He is white with curly red hair, purple-framed glasses, buckteeth, and freckles and wears a red and blue shirt with picture of Saturn on it, lime green and yellow shorts, yellow socks, and red sneakers with untied laces. In Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, Chuckie gains a step-mother, Kira Watanabe, who later adopts him, and a step-sister, Kimi.

Phil and Lil

Phillip Richard Bill DeVille and Lillian Marie Jill DeVille (Kath Soucie) are the children of Howard DeVille, a stay-at-home dad, and Elizabeth "Betty" DeVille, a former wrestler. They live next door to Tommy and are fraternal twins, with Lil older than Phil by two minutes. Lil and Phil share many similarities, including a love of dirt, eating bugs, and playing with earthworms, and argue with one another frequently, calling each other by their full name whenever they do so. The two are white with brown hair and wear matching teal outfits with yellow ducks, though Phil's outfit has trousers while Lil's is a dress, and teal sneakers. Looking so much alike, they are often mistaken for one another by adults; the only notable facial difference between the two being that Phil's earlobes are attached while Lil's are not.


Angelica Charlotte Pickles (Cheryl Chase) is the child of Andrew "Drew" Pickles and Charlotte Pickles, both business executives, and Tommy's cousin. Angelica serves as the series' antagonist, regularly threatening the babies physically or verbally and lying to them for her own amusement, with her actions sometimes crossing the line into cruelty. In her own home, Angelica reigns supreme as an only child, with her workaholic parents showering her with toys and admiration for simply existing, likely to make up for the fact that they are largely absent from her day-to-day life, and unsurprisingly, she is materialistic, devious, and self-centered. Without any parental guidance or boundaries, Angelica has largely been left to determine for herself what is right and wrong, with her idea of "right" normally being what she wants. Though she torments the babies, Angelica, on several occasions, stands up for them against others and expresses a genuine desire to be friends with them. Angelica is white with blonde hair, which is styled with purple bows into pigtails, and wears a purple dress with a red long-sleeved shirt, blue tights, red socks, and purple sneakers. Because of her age, Angelica is able to communicate with both babies and adults.


Susanna Yvonne Carmichael (Cree Summer; E. G. Daily) is the child of Randall "Randy" Carmichael, a screenwriter, and Dr. Lucille "Lucy" Carmichael, a physician, and Tommy's neighbor. Her family purchases a home on Tommy's street in "Meet The Carmichaels" and their mothers become close friends. Susie gets along well with the babies, despite the age difference, and considers them to be her friends; like them, she doesn't often get along with Angelica, though she makes a conscious effort to be nice to her. Like her mother, Susie excels in many aspects of her life and has a kind and warm demeanor, her only real character flaw being her competitiveness. She is black with black afro-textured hair, which is styled into three braids and decorated with red hair ties and clips, and wears a yellow and purple dress with white lace socks and red slippers.


Kimiko Watanabe-Finster (voiced by Dionne Quan) is the child of Hiro Watanabe and Kira Watanabe-Finster and Chuckie's step-sister. Her mother marries Chuckie's father Chas in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie and he later adopts her, assuming the role of her father for all intents and purposes. Kimi is bold and fun-loving, meaning she gets along well with the other babies, especially Tommy, and protective of her older brother while, at the same time, encouraging him to stand up for himself. She is Japanese and has black hair, which is styled into three ponytails held together by red hair ties, with bangs and wears a yellow dress with a purple cat face on it, a pink t-shirt, and purple cowgirl boots.


Dylan Prescott Pickles (voiced by Tara Strong) is the child of Stuart "Stu" Pickles, an inventor, and Diane "Didi" Pickles (nee Kropotkin), a schoolteacher, and Tommy's younger brother. He is a newborn for much of the series, meaning he rarely partakes in adventures alongside the other babies, and is often seen drooling, crying, or babbling. Because of his young age, Dil cannot understand the babies and the babies can't understand him.


Spike (voiced by Michael Bell in a dream sequence in the episode "In the Dreamtime"; Bruce Willis in Rugrats Go Wild): The Pickles' family dog. Though he appears in almost every episode of the series, he is not usually featured as a main part of episodes. Tommy claims him to be his best "animal" friend. The character is considered a main character in the series, appearing in almost three quarters of all of the episodes, though he usually does not come along when the Rugrats venture to new locations. It is mentioned that his breed is the fictional "Siberian Tiger Hound." As shown in The Rugrats Movie and Rugrats Go Wild, Spike is very protective of the babies, as he sees them as his own.

Adult characters

  • Stuart Louis "Stu" Pickles (voiced by Jack Riley): Tommy and Dil's easy-going father, and brother of Drew. Absent-minded toy inventor who only wants to be a good provider for his family. Married to Didi Pickles. Birthday is October 23 according to the All Growed Up special. In each Rugrats film, either Stu's actions or inventions help sets the story in motion, and by story's end he somehow manages to save the day (particularly, in the first and third films). Chas' best friend since childhood, similar to Tommy and Chuckie's friendship.
  • Diane "Didi" Kropotkin Kerpackter-Pickles (voiced by Melanie Chartoff): Tommy and Dil's mother. A part-time schoolteacher[1] and married to Stu. It is revealed that she is coulrophobic, just like Chuckie Finster. Didi is also a Russian-Jewish American since having 2 Russian Jewish parents and may also have been born in Russia. Arlene Klasky said that she based the character on herself.[2]
  • Louis Kalhern "Grandpa Lou" Pickles II (voiced by David Doyle from 1991 until his death in 1997, and Joe Alaskey from 1997 to series' end): Tommy, Dil and Angelica's grandfather and Stu and Drew's father. Lived with Stu's family for the majority of the series and often babysat the children. Originally named Stu Pickles, Sr. in the unaired pilot "Tommy Pickles and The Great White Thing".
  • Andrew "Drew" Pickles (voiced by Michael Bell): Married to Charlotte, and is also Angelica's father and Stu's older brother. A well-paid investment banker (later accountant), Drew does not always get along with his brother, and the two often bicker over petty problems. His catchphrase (when addressing Angelica) is "Princess."
  • Charlotte Pickles (voiced by Tress MacNeille): Angelica's workaholic mother. CEO of her own company and married to Drew. She tries to be a good mother, but is usually sidetracked by business interests. She is often shown talking on her mobile phone to "Jonathan" (her co-worker), who was shown several times during early episodes of the series.
  • Elizabeth "Betty" DeVille (voiced by Kath Soucie): Phil and Lil's mother. Very athletic and feminist. Married to Howard, she helps operate the Java Lava Coffee House with Chas Finster.
  • Charles Norbert "Chas" Finster, Sr. (voiced by Michael Bell): Widower; Chuckie's father, from whom he inherited his adenoidal whine. Is a bureaucrat. Married Kira in the second Rugrats movie. Kimi's stepfather. Runs the Java Lava Coffee House with wife and Betty. Stu's best friend since childhood, similar to Tommy and Chuckie's friendship. He played a minor role in the first Rugrats film and a supporting one in the third.
  • Kira Watanabe-Finster (voiced by Julia Kato): Kimi's mother and Chuckie's legal mother. Married Chas in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. Operates the Java Lava Coffee House with her husband and Betty. She somewhat plays the straight woman to the rest of the adults' wackiness, but she enjoys showcasing and trying new things, as opposed to a lot of the rest of them. Kira is also Japanese.
  • Howard "Howie" DeVille (voiced by Philip Proctor): Phil and Lil's mild mannered father. Often overpowered by and cringing towards his wife, Betty.
  • Dr. Lucille "Lucy" Carmichael (voiced by Cheryl Carter in 1992 and 1997 to the series end, Lisa Dinkins in 1993, and Hattie Winston in The Rugrats Movie): Susie's mother and Randy's wife. She is a Harvard-educated "wonder mom" and does a lot of cool things. She is also a doctor, having delivered Dil and removed Susie's tonsils.
  • Randall "Randy" Carmichael (voiced by Ron Glass): Married to Lucy Carmichael & is Susie's father. Randy is a writer for the famous cartoon Dummi Bears Show.
  • Sarah "Taffy" Maynston (Voiced by Amanda Bynes): is Lulu's teenage grandniece, who was hired as a regular babysitter for the babies. She is the lead singer of a band, Taffy and the Saltwaters. She always calls the babies, "Minis".

Other recurring characters

Babies and kids

  • Alisa Carmichael is the oldest daughter of the Carmichael's, and Susie's oldest sister. Voiced by Bettina Bush.
  • Buster Carmichael is one of Susie's older brothers. Voiced by Kath Soucie.
  • Edwin Carmichael is one of Susie's older brothers. Voiced by Cree Summer.
  • Harold Frumpkin is a kid in Angelica and Susie's pre-school class. Voiced by Pat Musick.
  • Timmy McNulty is the oldest of the five McNulty boys. Voiced by Tara Strong.
  • Todd and Ty McNulty are the twins in the McNulty clan. Voiced by Tara Strong and E.G. Daily.
  • Terry McNulty is another one of the McNulty boys. Voiced by Grey DeLisle.
  • Teddy McNulty is the youngest of the McNulty boys. Voiced by Grey DeLisle.


  • Mackie and Edie Pickles: Parents of Emmet Pickles. But when Drew went to change out of his dirty clothes, Angelica thought that they were her new parents[citation needed].
  • Beatrix "Trixie" McGee: Tommy, Dil, and Angelica's deceased grandmother; Drew and Stu's mother; and Lou's first wife. She has never appeared in person on the show because she died long before the show began, and is only seen in Grandpa Lou's flashbacks. Little is known about her, although at one point, it is mentioned that she worked on Estes Kefauver's campaign for the Democratic Presidential Nomination of 1956. Only seen in the episode "Grandpa's Date".
  • Louise "Lulu" Jonston (voiced by Debbie Reynolds): Lou's second wife; he met her in the hospital where she works as a nurse. Also Tommy, Dil, and Angelica's step grandmother and Stu and Drew's stepmother.
  • Melinda Finster (voiced by Kim Cattrall): is Chuckie's birth mother. She loved flowers, and she died a few months after Chuckie's birth, long before the show began. She is only seen in flashbacks, although she is referenced several times in the series.
  • Tia "Great Aunt 'T'" Adegoke and Uncle Charles Kojo (Voiced by Irma P. Hall and Bill Cobbs): are the great aunt and uncle of Susie and her siblings.
  • Boris Kropotkin and Minka Kerpackter (voiced by Michael Bell and Melanie Chartoff): Didi and her brother Ben's Yiddish parents. Russian immigrants who are always complaining that it wasn't this way in the "Old Country". Boris periodically babysat the babies (when Grandpa Lou was out for the night).
  • Benjamin "Ben" Kropotkin (voiced by Jeff Bennett): Didi's younger brother and Elaine's only husband. In his first appearance, he is about to be married to a woman named Elaine, (referring to the characters of the same names in The Graduate) who briefly disappears before the wedding because of cold feet. The married couple appear again to babysit the Rugrats as experience for having their own children, but unpleasantly discover that raising children may not be so simple if they act like Angelica.
  • Elaine Robinson Kropotkin (Voiced by Meagen Fay and Tress MacNeille): Elaine is Ben's wife and Didi's sister in-law. In her first appearance in Let Them Eat Cake, she gets married to Ben. She appears also in Baby Maybe. In Let Them Eat Cake she's voiced by Tress MacNeille, but in Baby Maybe she's voiced by Meagen Fay.
  • Miriam "Mim" Pickles (voiced by Andrea Martin): Known as the "money game queen" because she plays poker, and constantly irritates her younger cousin, Grandpa Lou Pickles. It is implied her relationship with Lou as a child mirrors Tommy and Angelica's relationship. She laters helps Lou move into a retirement home.
  • Shirley Dalmond Finster and Charles Mervyn "Marvin" Finster (voiced by Miriam Margolyes and Stacy Keach): Chas' parents, and Chuckie and Kimi's grandparents.
  • Colleen McNulty (Voiced by Theresa Ganzel): is the McNulty boys' mother. She speaks with an Irish accent and appears in "A Very McNulty Birthday" and "Wash Dry Story". She has a husband named Kevin who has not been seen.
  • Conan McNulty (Voiced by Michael Keenan): is the McNulty boys' paternal grandfather and Lou's rival. They've both had a rivaled childhood, compteting against each other all the time.
  • Larry and Steve (Both voiced by Scott Menville): are two teenage boys, who always seem to have different odd jobs, such as painters; movie theater attendants; grocery store employees; etc. They are named after two producers of some episodes. Of the two, Larry later appeared in the episode "Angelica Orders Out" as a caterer for Zippy's Snappy Home Delivery, but his hair is dyed red, and he is voiced by Jeremy Sisto.
  • Jonathan Kraskel (Voiced by René Auberjonois in 1995 and Dan Castellaneta from 1998 until the series end): is Charlotte's meek assistant, whom she constantly yells at. He was originally portrayed with purple skin, but had fair skin in later appearances.
  • Dr. Werner Lipschitz (voiced by Tony Jay): A child psychologist whom Stu, Didi and Chas commonly refer to for help in raising the babies.
  • Miss Weemer (voiced by Vicki Lewis) is Angelica and Susie's teacher in pre-school.
  • Macie Jonston: Macie is Lulu's sister, and she's Taffy's grandmother.
  • Miranda "Anda" Smellson: Anda is Taffy's mother, Macie's daughter and Lulu's niece.
  • Freddie: (voiced by Rodger Bumpass) Betty's older brother and uncle of the twins Only appears on the "Brothers Are Monsters" episode. His behaviour and dress sense are similar to his sisters, only he wears his sweater with the Male symbol on the front.


  • Fifi: Purple poodle, who was originally a Parisian stray which Spike fell in love with in the second Rugrats movie and became his girlfriend.
  • Spiffy and Pepper: Purple and brown (respectively) puppies adopted by the Stu Pickles and Chas Finster households. The offspring of a union between Spike and Fifi. (Note: In US showings of "Mutts In A Name", Puppy's identified as "Pepper", as a result of a viewer poll).
  • Fluffy: Angelica's cat whom Angelica loves dearly, but who always causes trouble for the others, particularly Spike. Some people don't notice it, but she looks just like Angelica.
  • Melville: Chuckie's first pet, who was a Pillbug that died in the first episode he aired in. At the time of death, Chuckie was in the midst of training Melville to perform circus tricks.

Television characters

  • Reptar (voiced by Busta Rhymes in The Rugrats Movie only): A big green dinosaur reminiscent of Godzilla. Tommy and the other Rugrats love him; Reptar products such as cars, clothes and candy are frequently seen on the show. Reptar was a main character in Rugrats in Paris and had his own theme park called Euro Reptarland. There was a giant Reptar robot there too, which the babies piloted and fought against Jean Claude. He has also had his own ice show, which Lou believes is "sheer brilliance". The babies interrupted it looking for a lizard which they believed was "Baby Reptar".
  • Robosnail: Reptar's arch enemy. Robosnail is a mechanical snail with snapping pincers. He made a special guest appearance in Rugrats in Paris, controlled by Jean Claude. Robosnail and Reptar fought throughout Paris and he wound up falling into the Seine.
  • Dactar: a big Pterodactyl who fights Reptar on TV. He resembles Rodan from Godzilla, ironic, since they are generally depicted as allies, despite them fighting in Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster & Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II.
  • Thorg: (voiced by Phil Procter)a giant gorilla who is an enemy of Reptar. In the episode "Toy Palace," Tommy and Chuckie activate a large robotic Thorg, who chases them through the store, repeating his catchphrase, "Thorg hungry! Thorg want eat!" He is made to resemble King Kong. He'd been sent back in time.
  • Captain Blasto (voiced by Adam West): From the early seasons of the show. A spaceman who hosts his namesake show, a low budget locally made kids program that is reminiscent to the Captain Video series of the 1950s. In Super Hero Chuckie, Chuckie, Angelica, Stu and Drew go to see the show made at the television studio, where they learn the secret about how Captain Blasto flies (a cable that attaches to his costume).
  • The Dummi Bears: A cartoon watched by the babies, although it seldom interests them and Grandpa Lou in particular despises the program. It is a spoof of the Care Bears (though the name is more a play on Disney's Gummi Bears). Susie's father Randy Carmichael was a writer for the show, and in one episode, the babies are taken to a movie theater to see the Dummi Bears movie (they escape from their parents to go see the Reptar movie, and cause havoc in the movie theater).
  • Blocky and Oxwinkle (Blocky voiced by June Foray): Stu and Drew's favorite cartoon as babies. They are an obvious parody of Rocky and Bullwinkle.
    • Yuri and Svetana (Svetana voiced by June Foray): A pair of villains who try to trick and get rid of Blocky and Oxwinkle, and calling them "Elk and Weasle". They are a parody of Boris and Natasha, and their nicknames for Blocky and Oxwinkle is a parody of "Moose and Squirrel". In an example of stunt casting, Foray, the original voice of Rocky as well as of Natasha, provided the voice of their Rugrats universe counterparts.
  • Alan Quebec: Voiced by Alex Trebek, he hosted "Super Stumpers," the fictitious game show on which Didi Pickles appears in the episode "Game Show Didi."
  • The Mega Hyper Heroes: The super heroes that the babies watch on TV. The babies imitated the characters by calling themselves the "Mega Diaper Babies". They only appeared in the episode "Mega Diaper Babies". They appear to be based on the Fantastic Four. They were voiced by Neil Ross, Michael Bell, and Kath Soucie.
  • The Mole People: Reptar's archenemies.
  • Cynthia: Angelica Pickles favorite doll. Based on the American doll, Barbie. Cynthia's name possibly comes from the British doll "Sindy".
  • Goober The Gopher: A friendly, hug-loving character created by Lipschitz Industries as a friendly children's icon resembling Barney The Dinosaur. In one episode, the grownups got rid of the Reptar decor in the babies' room figuring it scared Dil and replaced it with Goober the Gopher. This led the babies to get Reptar and Goober to fight for who should be the better mascot.

Real people

  • Chick Hearn: Appeared in the episode "Touchdown Tommy" as the sports anchor of a football game; voiced by himself.
  • Pat Sajak: Appeared in the episode "Chuckie is Rich" as the host of a Publishers Clearing House-like contest, where the grand prize was $10 million and was won by Chas Finster. The character is voiced by himself.

The Rugrats Movie characters

  • The Circus Monkeys: A band of various species of monkeys from a local Russian circus that escaped from a train accident. In the end, they are reunited with their owners.
  • The Banana Brothers (voiced by Abe Benrubi and Phil Proctor): The ringmasters of the Banana Brothers Monkey Circus and owners of the monkeys. They went to get some coffee, when the monkeys took control of the train and crashed it (though all of them survived, surprisingly uninjured).
  • Scar Snout the Wolf (voiced by Frank Welker (uncredited)): A scary, dangerous, and hungry wolf who enjoys killing for food. He was inspiration of tiger and the worst predator in the woods. He scares both the babies and the monkeys; in the climax of the film, he tries to kill and eat the babies, but is defeated by Spike, the Pickles' dog. The two fall down the bridge whereon the babies are standing, but only the Wolf is killed by the fall, making him the only character in a Rugrats movie to be killed.
  • Ranger Frank and Ranger Margaret (voiced by David Spade and Whoopi Goldberg): the two forest rangers who help the parents find the babies. They are the first people other than the normal gang to see the Reptar Wagon. Ranger Frank is cowardly and excitable, whereas Ranger Margaret is more calm and rational.
  • Rex Pester (voiced by Tim Curry): a nosy and arrogant news reporter who hampers the adults' efforts to find the babies as well as Spike. He mispronounced the babies' names as well as mistaking the Reptar Wagon for a horse.

Rugrats in Paris characters

  • Coco LaBouche (voiced by Susan Sarandon): She runs the amusement park EuroReptar, a Japanese theme park in Paris. Her boss is offering her the job for president of the company, but only if she learns to love children, to which she lies about and says that she is engaged. This sets the climax for the film. The real reason she brought the Pickles and gang to France is so that Stu could fix Robo Reptar. She also plans to kidnap the babies because she hates kids; when her plans got discovered, her wedding gets called off and her boss fires her, much to her humiliation. Angelica steps on her wedding dress, causing it to rip to have her underwear shown in front of everyone, including some people with cameras.
  • Jean-Claude (voiced by John Lithgow): Coco's close assistant. He is loyal to his boss and helps her with the kidnapping of the babies. He usually has the job of telling Kira what to do. He is more sensible than Coco, he also pilots Robosnail and seems to have fears with dogs as Spike chases him away from the Notre Dame Catherderal.

Rugrats Go Wild characters

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