Chucuito Province

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San Juan de Latrán church in Juli
San Juan de Latrán church in Juli
Location of Chucuito in the Puno Region
Location of Chucuito in the Puno Region
Country Peru
Region Puno
Capital Juli
 • Mayor Eugenio Barbaito Constanza
 • Total 3,978.13 km2 (1,535.96 sq mi)
 • Total 110,083
 • Density 28/km2 (72/sq mi)

Chucuito Province is a province of the Puno Region in Peru.[1] The capital of the province is the city of Juli.


According to the 2007 census, Aymara was spoken by 72.4% of the population as their first language, while 26.8% spoke Spanish, 0.6% spoke Quechua, 0.1% spoke Asháninka, 0.0% spoke other indigenous languages and 0.0% spoke foreign languages.

Political division[edit]

The province measures 3,978.13 square kilometres (1,535.96 sq mi) and is divided into seven districts:

District Mayor Capital Ubigeo
Juli Eugenio Barbaito Constanza Juli 210401
Desaguadero Desaguadero 210402
Huacullani Jaime Musaja Chipana Huacullani 210403
Kelluyo Demetrio Salamanca Choque Kelluyo 210404
Pisacoma Nestor Jaime Chino Coaquira Pisacoma 210405
Pomata Mario Calani Morales Pomata 210406
Zepita Mateo Jilaja Mollo Zepita 210407


Chucuito is cited by Comentarios Reales de los Incas. On the 1st chapter of the 3th[clarification needed] book of Comentarios reales de los incas, Chucuito is mentioned because of huge monuments and anthropomorphic statues. [2]


Some of the highest mountains of the province are listed below:[3]

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Coordinates: 16°12′52″S 69°27′27″W / 16.214396°S 69.457381°W / -16.214396; -69.457381