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Chughtai or Chagatai (Turkish: Çağatay, Urdu: چغتائی‎) is a family name originated in Chaghataite Khanate and later taken by successors of Chaghatai Khan all over the world.[citation needed]


Chughtai is a distorted form of Chaghadai which is a version of Chagan (white) formed using the –dai suffix as described in "On the Documentation and Construction of Period Mongolian Names" by Baras-aghur Naran;[1][better source needed] it defines Chaghadai as he who is white.[2][better source needed]

Origin of the Surname[edit]

The origin of Chughtai as surname is claimed to be arisen in Chaghataite Khanate as taken up by the descendents and successors of Chaghatai Khan. For instance, Mughal King Babur claimed lineage to Chaghatai Khan.[3] Accordingly, some of the other descendents of the successors of Chaghatai Khan in South and Central Asia use variants such as Mirza, Baig & Khan.[4][5]

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