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Chughtai or Chagatai (Turkish: Çağatay, Urdu: چغتائی‎) is a family name originated in Chaghataite Khanate and later taken by successors of Chaghatai Khan all over the world.[citation needed]


Chughtai is a distorted form of Chaghadai which is a version of Chagan (white) formed using the –dai suffix as described in "On the Documentation and Construction of Period Mongolian Names" by Baras-aghur Naran;[1][better source needed] it defines Chaghadai as he who is white.[2][better source needed]

Origin of the Surname[edit]

The origin of Chughtai as surname is claimed to be arisen in Chaghataite Khanate as taken up by the descendents and successors of Chaghatai Khan.[3] Accordingly, some of the other descendents of the successors of Chaghatai Khan in South and Central Asia use variants such as Mirza, Baig & Khan.[4][5]

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