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Transporting bananas by chukudu in North Kivu.
Transporting fresh produce at a military check-point in Goma.

The chukudu (or chikudu, cbokoudou, tshukudu)[1] is a two-wheeled vehicle used in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is made of wood, and used for transporting freight.

The chikudu generally has an angular frame, two small wheels (often of wood, sometimes wrapped with rubber), handlebars, and a pad for the operator to place their knee on while propelling the vehicle with their leg.[2] On a descent, the rider stands on the deck like a kick scooter. At flat ground, the rider can put one knee on the deck and push the ground by the other foot like a knee scooter.

In 2008, chikudus were selling for US$100 with a cost of materials of nearly US$60.[3] Similarly, in 2014 they cost $50 to $100 and were used to earn up to $10 per day, in an area where most people live on less than $2 per day.[1]


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