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chulkana chulkana
Map of Haryana
Map of Haryana
Coordinates: 30°44′N 76°47′E / 30.73°N 76.78°E / 30.73; 76.78
Country India
ISO 3166 code IN-HR

Chulkana is a village in the state of Haryana, district Panipat, tehsil Samalkha in northern India. The village is situated 3.7 km away from Samalkha. The main landmark is the Khatu Shayam Mandir, Baba Lakisher temple, situated in the centre of the village pin code.


In 1980 a wine factory was situated in main road to Samalkha. After that Alahabad Bank was constructed on the main road. Chulkana is big village with high population. This is a gujjars (chhoker) village. There are 24 village of chhokers in samalkha town all are nearby. This village has a history of Baba Lakeshwar (Shri Chunkat Rishi Jee Maharaaj) and Khatu Shyam Baba temple. A fair is organised in Falgun Month in Baba Shyam Temple. Chulkana is the big village on number two in Haryana. This village is famous for temples which attract people. There is also a Temple of Jahar Veer Goga Ji Maharaja. So many people come here in the month of "Bhado". In Chulkana people's main occupation is agriculture. This village is surrounded by a boundary like a round angle. Neighbouring villages of Chulkana are Chadiya Rasulpur, Kiwana, Dhindar, Bhodwal majri, Pattikalyana, Ulahna,Dodhpur, Naraina, etc.

There is a historical story on the generation of village Chulkana on the basis of the Chunkat Rishi Jee Maharaj. In the satyug this village came under the governance of the king Chakva Vain who lives in the place Gujjar Kheri as his capital. He was a very famous king even more powerful than the king Ravama the King of Lanka. It is known that Ravana was a king full of vanity. He thought that he was the most powerful man in the universe even more than God. One day as he and his wife Mandodari fed birds and they talked about the most powerful king in the world but Ravana refusee to accept anyone powerful than him. Then Mandodari asked him to give the order to the sparrows not to eat the food and he did the same but the sparrow did not stop and nothing happened to them. Now Mandodari asked to give the order by the name of king Chakva Vain and all the sprrows stopped, but one sparrow out of them was deaf and did not hear the order. Instantly at that time a chakkar of Chakva Vain came and cut the neck off the deaf sparrow. So this showed how powerful the king Chakva Vain was.

One day Chakva Vain came hunting in the forest and he became lost in the forest and got separated from his soldiers and rounding the forest at last he saw a hut he reach there and saw a rishi there, he non other than Chunkat Rishi he introduced himself to the rishi. Shri Chunkat Rishi provided him some things to eat and gave him a bed of grass. In the morning the king asked the rishi to leave to his home and return to the home he invited the rishi for the function of yaga on the next day at his home but the rishi refused and said that he did not come to any invitation than the king told him he has to come to the function or he should leave his country. On the next day the rishi left the hut and walk down many kilometers from the hut but in the way he saw a deer was Scandalize a roe and the roe say that hey CHAKVA VAIN please save me from this monster instantly the chhakar of CHAKVA VAIN comes and cut the neck of dear.The rishi annoyed that the country of this king is still continued so at last he comes to the hut.In the evening when the king was notice that rishi was not comes he send his soldier to saw him whether he left the hut or not but up to that time the rishi comes back to his hut.The soldier comes back to the king and told him that he is still there then the king get tempered and send many soldier to kill him.The soldier comes to rishi with the armature to kill him. SHRI CHUNKAT RISHI Uprooted the three kusha grass and struck one of them on the ground many number of phalwan are generated from it any they attack on the soldier now more reinforcement is sent by the king when he comes to know the situation then the rishi g struck one more grass on the ground and more phalwan are generated and they spoil all the military of the king at last one kussa grass is left and the rishi send this to keel the city of the king and the kusha grass keel the city. So even today there is some sign of this tragedy and there is temple of the king Chakva Vain and there is a sarovar there named Satkhumba and it is recognized that even if the people village chulkana is get bath there thrush of the body of them.In the village chulkana there is a temple on the place of hut of chunkat rishi g and a sarovar in which people get baths.

The second historical story is behind the temple of Shri Syam Baba g. It is recognized that the neck of Barbarik cut by Shri Krishna G in the battle of Mahabharata fell in the village chulkana after that there was a temple constructed in memory of Shri Barbrik G. There is a tree pipal which is from the time of Mahabharata.


  • Chavan Rishi Modern High School, Chulkana.(Bhajje wala)
  • Govt High school, Chulkana.(Boys)
  • Govt Girl Senior Secondary School, Chulkana.
  • Shri Shayam Vidyapeeth [Patvari vaala], Chulkana.
  • Tagore Modern School, Chulkana. (rishi wala)


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