Chuluut River

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This article is about the river in Mongolia. For other uses, see Chuluu.
Chuluut River (Чулуут гол)
Chuluut gol
the Chuluut Canyon, between Tariat and Öndör-Ulaan, Arkhangai
Name origin: Mongolian: chuluut, "stony"
Country Mongolia
Aimags Arkhangai, Khövsgöl
 - left Suman River
 - location Khangai Mountains
Mouth Ider River
Length 415 km (258 mi)
Basin 10,750 km2 (4,151 sq mi)

Chuluut River (Mongolian: Чулуут гол, stony river) is a river flowing through the valleys of the Khangai Mountains in central Mongolia, and a tributary of the Ider River. It is 415 km long, the width at the mouth into the Ider river is 80 m, the maximum depth is 3 m. It is usually frozen from November to April.


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Coordinates: 49°12′37″N 100°40′14″E / 49.21028°N 100.67056°E / 49.21028; 100.67056