Chumash Peak

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Chumash Peak
Hills in San Luis Obispo.jpg
Chumash Peak is the middle of the three peaks.
Highest point
Elevation1,268 ft (386 m)  NGVD 29[1]
Coordinates35°18′30″N 120°42′23″W / 35.30827°N 120.70632°W / 35.30827; -120.70632Coordinates: 35°18′30″N 120°42′23″W / 35.30827°N 120.70632°W / 35.30827; -120.70632[2]
LocationSan Luis Obispo County, California
Parent rangeNine Sisters
Topo mapUSGS San Luis Obispo
Age of rock20 million years
Mountain typeVolcanic plug

Chumash Peak is a 1,257 ft (383 m) mountain in San Luis Obispo County, California. It is just northwest of San Luis Obispo, on the south side of California State Route 1.

The peak is one of the volcanic plugs known as the Nine Sisters, between Cerro Romauldo to its east and Bishop Peak to its west.

In 1964 the hill was named in recognition of the Chumash Indians who lived in the area due to efforts by Louisiana Dart, curator of the San Luis Obispo County Museum.[3] Access to the peak is currently unavailable.[4]

The peak was quarried in the 1970s for foundation material in the construction of new buildings on the Cuesta College campus nearby.[5]


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