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Chumbi Valley, 1938.

Chumbi Valley (Tibetan: ཆུ་འབིWylie: chu vbi; Chinese: 春丕河谷; pinyin: Chūnpī Hégǔ[1]) is a valley in Tibet at the intersection of India (Sikkim), Bhutan and China (Tibet) in the Himalayas. Two main passes between India and China open up here: the Nathu La Pass and Jelep La Pass. Administratively, the valley is in Yadong County of the Tibetan Autonomous Region.

The valley is at an altitude of 3,000 metres (9,500 feet) and was at the forefront of the British military expedition of 1904 into Tibet. It was occupied by the British for nine months after the hostilities[2][3] to secure Tibetan payment of indemnity.

The valley blooms in spring. It enjoys a temperate climate.

The plant Pedicularis chumbica (春丕马先蒿) is named after the valley.


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Coordinates: 27°23′11″N 88°49′52″E / 27.38639°N 88.83111°E / 27.38639; 88.83111