Chumburung language

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Native toGhana
RegionKpandai District and Yeji
Native speakers
69,000 (2004)[1]
  • Yeji
Language codes
ISO 639-3ncu

Chumburung (Kyongborong, Nchimburu, Nchummuru) is a Guang language spoken by 69,000 persons, mostly Chumburu by tribe and living in the Kingdom of Chumburung at both sides of the southwestern leg of Lake Volta in Ghana.

3,000 of these speak the Yeji (Yedji) dialect, which is quite divergent: no closer to Chumburung proper than Kplang or Krache are.

A large number of publications describing the language can be found at: . References to the tribe and the traditional area are rare, but here is one: ; click down left on CHUMBURUNG.


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