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Chun Ge (simplified Chinese: 春哥; Tongyong Pinyin: Chūn Gē), which means "Brother Chun" and is often translated as "Spring Brother", is a nickname for the singer Li Yuchun, which subsequently became a popular Chinese Internet meme.[1] The nickname literally translates to "Brother Chun" and is usually used in the popular catchphrase "chūn gē chún yé men (春哥纯爷们)", which means "Brother Chun is a real man". The catchphrase "chūn gē chún yé men" later evolved to a general phrase, "(person's name) is a real man". This catchphrase is used not only to mock a group of females who has an androgynous appearance like Li Yuchun, but as an endorsement similar to saying someone can "hang with the boys". "Ye Men" (爷们) in Chinese is used in a way comparable to "bro" in the United States. 爷, meaning "grandfather", can also be read as "masculine" (young males in Northeast China use the slang term 爷 as a personal pronoun in an impolite context). "Chun" is Li Yuchun's first name.

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