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Country  India
State Bihar
District Purnea
Elevation 25 m (82 ft)
 • Official Maithili, Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Nearest city Purnea
Lok Sabha constituency Purnea Sadar
Vidhan Sabha constituency Dhamdhaha

Chunapur is a very old village situated 3 km west of Purnia town in the state of Bihar, India. This village is situated on the bank of 'Kari Koshi' a tributary of River Koshi. The village came into limelight when the government of India constructed a huge aerodrome for strategic purposes known as Chunapur Aerodrome. The village is best known for the Roys who were one of the biggest Zamindars of Bihar.The village is very rich insofar as education is concerned. There are more than 15 doctors, 20 - 25 engineers, many administrative officers, many lawyers. Prominent amongst the successful professionals are: Late Dr. Mohan Roy, a renowned cardiovascular surgeon and a philanthropist in USA; Mr. Pool Roy, an engineer and an entrepreneur in USA; Mr. Kumar Roy, a businessman and a philanthropist of Purnea; Mr. Anand Roy, an engineer and a businessman of Purnea; Dr. V. C. Roy, an orthopedic surgeon of India; Rajeev Roy, a prominent advocate practicing in Patna High Court (Bihar) and Supreme Court of India Ms. Shuchi Roy (Delhi School of Social Work & JNU), besides many teachers, professors, politicians.

Development and Humanitarian Work for Chunapur[edit]

Establishment of Middle School[edit]

For the development of their village, Late Shri shardanand roy, Dr. Mohan Roy along with Mr. Kumar Roy took the initiative to establish reputed education system in Chunapur. This effort was initially made by their grandfather Shri. Bankhandi Roy, who constructed a Sanskrit school in the year 1935. The school could not operate after the death of Shri. Bankhandi Roy in the year 1942. Dr. Mohan Roy along with Mr. Kumar Roy took steps to set up free education for their village. They started the work to build a school in the name of their parents Smt. Shashimukhi Roy and Shri. Ramnarayan Roy. About 3 acres of land were required for building the school. Mr. Kumar Roy persuaded a number of landowners in the village to donate land. These included Shri. Ramnarayan Roy, Shri. Sunderkand Jha, Shri. Sambhunath Roy, Shri. Tirpit Roy and Shri. Sonelal Jha. Mr. Kumar Roy’s business (Four Star Picture Palace) also funded the construction of the school building. In 1988, the construction of "Shashimukhi Ramnarayan Aadarsh Madhya Vidyalaya" (Middle school) was finished and donated to the government of Bihar.

DAV Public School[edit]

Further to establish a quality education system in Chunapur, Dr. Mohan Roy and Mr. Kumar Roy reached out to the Dayanand Anglo-Vedic School System to open their branch in Chunapur. Shri Ramnarayan Roy, father of Dr. Roy and Mr. Roy, donated his land for the proposed school. D.A.V system opened their branch in Chunapur in the year 1998. The school was called S. R D.A.V Public School (Shahsimukhi Ramnarayan DAV public school) in honor of the couple Mrs. Shashimukhi Roy and Mr. Ramnarayan Roy.

This school served the entire Purnea area. However, Chunapur was not very well connected to the city of Purnea, which was an inconvenience for the school students. For this reason, the school decided to move to the Purnea Municipal Area. Dr. Mohan Roy donated land in Purnea for this move. In the year 1999, S.R.D.A.V Public School moved from Chunapur to Purnea.


Pool Roy took the initiative of bringing electricity to his village Chunapur. [clarification needed]

Notable current and former residents of Chunapur include[edit]

Late Shri Bankhandi Roy and his brother Bansman Roy. Shri Bnakhandi Roy had four children: Late Shri Satyanaryan Roy, Late Shri Shivnarayan Roy, Late Shri Ramnarayan Roy and Shankuntala Devi. Shri Satyanarayan Roy had three sons and five daughters. His eldest son Dr. Gobind Roy is a retired deputy superintendent, his second son Madhav Roy is an advocate in Patna High Court and his third son Shyam Roy is an agriculturist and land dealer. Shri Shivnarayan Roy had two sons and two daughters. His eldest son Gopal Roy is an advocate in Purnea and his younger son Krishan Kumar Roy is an agriculturist.Two daughters Smt Arpana Jha mairred to notable surgeon of bhagalpur and smt Kishori Jha Darbhanga. Shri| Ramnarayan Roy had four sons and two daughters. His sons are Dr Mohan Roy, Pool Roy, Kumar Roy, Anand Roy and two daughters are Smt. Kalyani Choudhary and Smt. Veena Jha.

Shri Bansman Roy had 5 children; Late Sri Baidyanath Roy, late Sri Deo Nath Roy and three daughters. The younger brother of Late Sri Baidyanath Roy, late Sri Deo Nath Roy was veteran freedom fighter and a former MLA. His daughter H'ble Justice Smt. Mridula Mishra is a sitting judge of Patna High Court. Dr.Daman Roy is his eldest son who is an eminent and well known Surgeon. His second son is a Mechanical Engineer and Private Surveyor. His youngest son Advocate Gyanand Roy is well known and respectable lawyer practicing at Patna High Court. Late Sri Baidyanath Roy had four sons and two daughters. His eldest son Late Dina Nath Roy was member of Congress Party and remained associated with it till he was alive. The Second son Late Udai Nath Roy was a prominent lawyer of the area and was Public Prosecutor of undivided Punia district for decades. The third son, Shri Shambhu Nath Roy remained Mukhia of his Panchayat for three decades and until the post of Mukhia was reserved for female. The youngest son Late Mukti Nath Roy was a prominent leftist leader and social worker of the district. Son of Late Uday Nath Roy Shri Rajeeva Roy is a prominent advocate of Patna High Court. He was elected Secretary of the Lawyer's Association of Patna High Court many times and also General Secretary of the Lawyer's Association, Patna High Court. Younger son of Late Uday Nath Roy, Shri Sudeep Roy is one of the most respected and popular social activist of the area. Son of Late Mukti Nath Roy, Dr Vidhan Chandra Roy is the Othopedic Surgeon of national repute. The entire family of Late Baidyanath Roy is a revered family of the district and state.

The newer generation of the family has also made foot print in the field of Medicine, Computers, Economics and Finance.The name of Mrs Prachi Mishra comes to the fore.She is the daughter of renowned gynecologist Mrs. Manju Gita Mishra and the wife of Mr. Devesh Roy, who is the son of Dr. Daman Roy a noted heart specialist in Purnea.Currently Prachi is working with the RBI as its Chief General Manager (CGM)[1]


Coordinates: 25°46′N 87°26′E / 25.767°N 87.433°E / 25.767; 87.433