Chung Cheng Aviation Museum

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Chung Cheng Aviation Museum
Aviation museum View from West 20130928.jpg
Established October 31, 1981
Dissolved March 31, 2014
Location Dayuan, Taoyuan, Taiwan
Type Aviation
Website [1]

The Chung Cheng Aviation Museum (Chinese: 中正航空科學館; pinyin: Zhōngzhèng Hángkōng Kēxuéguǎn) was an aviation museum located at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in Dayuan Township, Taoyuan County (now Dayuan District, Taoyuan City), Taiwan.[1] The museum closed on March 31, 2014 to allow for planned construction of Terminal 3 at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and for relocation of taxiway WC. Items displayed at the museum have been sent to storage and all 18 aircraft on display will be relocated to former Taoyuan Naval base during the second half of 2014.[2]

The museum was located in the southeastern area of the airport between the main freeway entrance and the airport terminals. It was built in 1981 by Boeing under a Civil Aeronautics Administration contract.[3]

Many retired Republic of China Air Force fighters are represented in the museum.


Museum interior exhibitions


The museum was accessible from Haishan Station of the Taiwan Railway Administration or Taoyuan Station of the Taiwan High Speed Rail.

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