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View of Chung Hom Kok from Wilson Trail.

Chung Hom Kok (Chinese: 舂坎角 or 舂磡角) is an area in the southern Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong. It is a popular site for barbecue and swimming with a beach and lifeguard services available from April to October.[1] West of Stanley, Chung Hom Kok is referred to as the most southern point on a peninsula. The peninsula is also named Chung Hom Kok and the hill Chung Hom Shan (舂坎山) occupies the largest part of the peninsula. Chung Hom Kok Beach (舂坎角泳灘) is located on the western shore Chung Hom Kok in Chung Hom Wan (舂坎灣).

A Home Ownership Scheme estate and a public housing estate is located in the Ma Hang area, to the northeast of Chung Hom Kok.[2]

At the back of the peninsula, there is a low density residential area.


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Coordinates: 22°13′02″N 114°12′17″E / 22.21728°N 114.20467°E / 22.21728; 114.20467