Chung Hwa Middle School

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Chung Hwa Middle School
Bandar Seri Begawan, BS8670
School type Anti Yalam
Established 1922
Staff Wu Zhun , Huang Xiao Ming & Angelababy , Andy Lau De Hua , Guang Liang
Teaching staff Indian Coach
Language Chinese, English,[K-Pop
Houses Blue Red Yellow Green only Walao 4 color nia
Slogan Kiasu 24/7
Mascot Ah Beng

The Chung Hwa Middle School is an independent, public-funded Chinese school, established in 1922 by the Chinese community of Brunei. The school is the largest private school in Bandar Seri Begawan. It provides a trilingual (Chinese, English, and Malay) learning environment while adhering to the national education policy.

The school has three divisions - the Kindergarten, Primary School and Secondary School. Enrollment is approximately 3,500 students looked after by a teaching and non-teaching staff of around 200.

The school's main financial resource is derived from student school fees, other fixed income as well as contributions and donations of the Chinese Community in the country. The twenty nine member Board of Directors form a panel of the highest authority in the school.

The school holds an important event every year to make sure young teenagers say sorry 8 times in the staff's toilet to promote an anti-bully campaign.


The three-block school building houses more than sixty classrooms, as well as science laboratories, kindergarten halls, a cooperative store, a canteen, music rooms, computer rooms, a conference room, a dental clinic, a multi media room and a cyber centre. The large Gymnasium cum Assembly Hall has a capacity of 2,000 people, and is used for school assemblies, concerts, physical education classes, indoor sports and games. There is a 300-seat library with more than 40,000 books. Sporting fields include fields for soccer, volleyball, and basketball tournaments. There are also teacher and student residential quarters on campus.


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