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Chung King Road, along with Chung King Court containing a water fountain in its center, is a pedestrian street complex in the northwest corner of Chinatown, Los Angeles. This street is a part of "New Chinatown," built in the 1930s and 1940s, and was the location of mostly Chinese specialty shops, importers of Chinese art objects, and Chinese benevolent associations. In the late 1990s many of the storefronts were sitting unused, and several of them were converted into art galleries and art studios. With its nearly weekly schedule of art gallery exhibition openings, Chung King Road is now one of the centers of art and nightlife in Downtown Los Angeles.[1] Annual events include Chinese New Year and the Golden Dragon Parade,[2] The Moon Festival, KCRW's Chinatown Summer Nights,[3] the closing party of LA's Design Week and the Perform! Now! Festival.[4]

Chung King Road complex is home to the following galleries and businesses:

  • Alex Cheung Company
  • Automata Arts, performance space specializing in experimental puppetry[5]
  • Caryl M. Christian Levy, artist
  • Cause Art Gallery[6][7][8]
  • Charlie James Gallery[9]
  • Chungking Studio[10]
  • Coagula Curatorial[11][12]
  • Ed Freeman Photography[13]
  • Exhale Unlimited Gallery[14]
  • Foo Chow Restaurant
  • F. See, antiques
  • Fifth Floor, shop and gallery[15]
  • The Good Luck Gallery [16]
  • Hong Sang Lung Market, since 1949
  • Hoy Sun Ning Yung Association
  • Jancar Gallery[17]
  • Ling's
  • Li Yuen Gifts
  • KChung Radio[18]
  • KK Gallery[19]
  • Mirror Films
  • Preen, Inc., architecture and interior design[20]
  • Red Pipe Gallery[21]
  • The Jade Tree
  • The Public School
  • Woo's Gifts

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