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Chung Ling High School Butterworth
S.M.J.K. Chung Ling Butterworth
Chung Ling Butterworth
Jalan Ong Yi How, 13400
Butterworth, Penang, George Town
Type Public school
Motto 爱吾锺灵 (Love Our Chung Ling)
Established 6 January 1986
Principal Loh Kooi Cheng(2013-Present)
Lew Kong Phung(1986-1991)
Phuah Chor Poay(1992-1995)
Lim Gin Hai(1995-2000)
Lim Kar Hwa(2000-2006)
Chuah Wah Teong(2006-2011)
Ooi Poh Beng(2011-2012)
Enrollment approx. 2300
Number of students 2393+
Affiliations Chung Ling High School
Chung Ling (Private) High School

Chung Ling High School Butterworth (simplified Chinese: 北海锺灵中学; traditional Chinese: 北海鍾靈中學; pinyin: béi hǎi Zhōng líng zhōng xué, Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan Chung Ling Butterworth in Malay) is a secondary school in Malaysia, located in Butterworth, Penang.

The school[edit]

The students in this school are selected carefully by the administration of the school. Only students with straight A's or close to straight A's from the UPSR examination would be selected into this school. Thus, the quality of the students and hence the standard of the school are among the highest in Malaysia.

Chung Ling High School Butterworth has over 90% of students studying in the Science Stream.

The school enrols approximately 2300 students as of 2016. The students are served by 185 over academic and non-academic staff.


The early years[edit]

In 1986, Chung Ling High School Butterworth Branch was opened. It was later renamed Chung Ling Butterworth High School to reflect its independent identity. Together with the Private School and Chung Ling Penang, the three Chung Lings became known as Tri-Chung Ling High Schools which share a Board of Governors but are essentially three independent schools.

Naming of the school[edit]

The name of the school, Chung Ling, has been defined by late Principal David Chen, as follows:

The school has adopted the name Chung Ling, but what is the rationale behind it? It appears that most students are unaware of the reason. On one occasion I came across an article, in the Hu Zhou, Zhe-jiang Newspaper, of which its description on the region seems to be appropriate for the purpose of defining the name of our school. It reads:

"The scenery of the surroundings of Huzhou, Zhejiang, is picturesque, and it demonstrates a very desirable aura, which explains the phenomenon where the area is the origin to a great number of talents. According to an unofficial census, fourteen Central Councillors came from that area, a truly astounding figure. This amply demonstrates the aura and the availability of talent in that area."

We could thus infer that a concentration of desirable aura (Chung has another meaning of ‘concentration’, and the saying ‘a concentration of aura encourages the emergence of talents’ is referring to the consequences of the concentration of aura.) may lead to the availability of a pool of talents, and the concerned area will naturally attract a lot of attention across the country.

Penang has enthusiastically been given the sobriquet "Pearl of the Orient," and, as we embraced this piece of land, we have obtained the privileged combination of a desirable ambiance, a strategic location and the unity of the people. If the students studying under such an auspicious condition could not make full use of their advantage and study hard, how could possibly they benefit from the desirable aura? Is not that such idleness hampers the process of developing talents and bring pride to the country? In view of this, the adoption of the name "Chung Ling" suggested an extremely strong hope on the future [of the students]. Of course, our school is not a nursery of Central Councillors, but it is not our objective to limit ourselves to producing a limited group of privileged class. Our mission is to educate each and every one of our students to become useful citizens, so as to form a backbone of the driving force that enables us to compete alongside the great powers.

There is a depth of meaning behind the adoption of a bell as our crest. It is hoped that, analogous to the propagation of the ring of a bell, one could enlighten himself as well as the world; if an enlightenment of such a scale is impossible for one, he should at least enlighten his community. Everyone should adopt the noble vision of "Nation and Community above all", and step forward in unity. If everyone could embrace the vision, how possibly could an enemy be successful in weakening us?

The identity[edit]

The school shares its name, logo, flag, anthem, and the Ten Commandments with Chung Ling High School and Chung Ling Private High School.

School anthem (校歌)[edit]

On the island of Penang, the Chinese community abounds, how do we improve civility,
In this 21st Century, in this competitive study environment, we dare not lag behind others,
Interaction of cultures, conversing in Chinese and English, we become new citizens,
We work hard in creating, a glorious and shining future, we love our Chung Ling.

Standing firm and sturdy, we can hear the sounds of reading from afar,
From the commandments, and the school rules, we shall move forward in reality,
Interaction of cultures, conversing in Chinese and English, we become new citizens,
We work hard in creating a glorious and shining future, we love our Chung Ling.

The School Anthem was written by a teacher, Mr. Wang Qiyu. It is set to Annie Lisle, which is the melody of the anthems of schools such as Cornell University, Soochow University and Hwa Chong Institution among many.

Ten Commandments of Chung Ling[edit]

The Commandments of Chung Ling (锺灵中学学生的十大信条).[1][2]

  • Students are well-disciplined.
  • Students respect their elders.
  • Students are sincere.
  • Students are hardworking.
  • Students are courteous.
  • Students are courageous.
  • Students are clean.
  • Students are friendly.
  • Students are optimistic.
  • Students are self-improving.

Administrators of the school[edit]

  • Principal: Loh Kooi Cheng
  • Vice Principal (Administration): Hoo Boon Tat
  • Vice Principal (Students Affairs): Ng Peik See
  • Vice Principal (Cocurriculum): Ng Lye Ying
  • Vice Principal (Form 6) : How Day Chyun
  • Vice Principal (Afternoon session): Chang Jook Ee
  • Supervisor (Science and Mathematics): Ong Yak Kuang
  • Supervisor (Languages): Jim Alice
  • Supervisor (Humanities): Yap Siew Khim
  • Supervisor (Vocational): Yip Feei Yen

Excellent Cluster School Award[edit]

5 April 2013 marks an important date in the history of Chung Ling High School where both Penang and Butterworth Chung Ling High Schools were awarded the Excellent Cluster School Awards. The awards were presented by the Chief Director of Ministry of Education, Tan Sri Abdul Ghafar Bin Mahmud in Putrajaya. The schools were represented by the principals of both schools, Mr Ooi Poh Beng and Mr Loh Kooi Cheng. This award has further recognised the school as one of the top schools in Malaysia.


  1. ^ The Ten Commandments of Chung Ling are referred to in the school's website as The Article of Faith.
  2. ^ Student Guide of Chung Ling High School.

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