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Chung Sang Eo (Blue Shark) Torpedo
Blue Shark Hafif Torpido.JPG
A scale model of a Cheongsangeo (Blue Shark) lightweight torpedo
Type Torpedo
Place of origin South Korea
Service history
Used by Republic of Korea Navy
Philippine Navy[1]
Production history
Designer Agency for Defense Development
Designed 1995
Manufacturer LIG Nex1
Produced 2005-
Weight 280 kg
Length 2.7 m
Width 0.32 m

12 km
Speed 45+ knots (83+ km/h)

K745 Chung Sang Eo (Blue Shark) torpedo (Hangul: 청상어 어뢰) is a light anti-submarine torpedo developed by the Republic of Korea Navy in 2004.[2] The Blue Shark torpedo can be deployed from surface ships, ASW helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft. Production cost for each torpedo is at about 1,000,000,000.[3]

K745 Chung Sang Eo (Blue Shark) torpedoes is fitted to Incheon Class (FFX) frigate.[4]

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