Chung Wah Chinese Broadcasting Company

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Chung Wah Chinese Broadcasting
Cwcb logo.PNG
City New York City
Broadcast area New York metropolitan area
Frequency 92 kHz subcarrier
First air date 1968
Format Cantonese
Power 6000 watts
Owner Metro Chinese Broadcasting

The Chung Wah Chinese Broadcasting Company (CWCB or 中華電台) (simplified Chinese: 中华商业广播电台; traditional Chinese: 中華商業廣播電台; pinyin: Zhōng Huá Shāng Yè Guăng Bō Diàn Tái; Jyutping: Zung1 Faa1 Soeng1 Jip6 Gwong2 Bo3 Din6 Ji4) or Metro Chinese Broadcasting was established in 1968, CWCB is the oldest Chinese Language radio station in the New York City Metro Area. The radio station sends a 92 kHz subcarrier of WSKQ-FM 97.9 MHz from the top of the Empire State Building. The signal covers 50 square mile radius area including the five boroughs of New York City, lower Hudson Valley of New York, Long Island, northeastern New Jersey and Fairfield County in Connecticut.[1] It is one of two Cantonese radio stations in the metro area, the other is WZRC AM 1480.

Chung Wah radio has served the Chinese speaking community for over 40 years. In its mission to provide entertainment and news to the Chinese speaking community, the station has become much more than just a passive voice. Over the years, Chung Wah has played a critical role as the bridge between the local Chinese community and the mainstream society. This position has been extremely beneficial to Chinese population, whether they have been here for years or for recent immigrants to the United States. The station has been a haven for those have not been able to fully integrate into American society and especially for recent immigrants who do not understand the English language.

Among the many program offerings are: English lessons, Chinese Opera, Cantopop, locally and internationally produced variety shows, children's programming, local news, foreign news, and even traffic and weather, all delivered in Cantonese, one of the native dialects of China and Hong Kong. Among the community service programs, Chung Wah radio offers listener call-in question and answer segments for social services, health, and government. Representatives from the Social Services Administration, Medicare, Medicaid, and members from the city council and State senate regularly appear as guests on the programs.[2]

An established component of New York metro area's continually growing Chinese populations and in partnership with corporate and small business sponsors, Chung Wah radio supports local and regional community organizations with non-profit activities and fund-raising campaigns.

To receive this service, you will need a special receiver with a subcarrier decoding system, which the station gives information on where to get them. It is also available on live streaming online.[3]

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