Chungbuk Provincial College

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Chungbuk Provincial College
Location South Korea
36°18′02″N 127°34′25″E / 36.30050°N 127.57356°E / 36.30050; 127.57356Coordinates: 36°18′02″N 127°34′25″E / 36.30050°N 127.57356°E / 36.30050; 127.57356
Chungbuk Provincial College
Hangul 충북도립대학
Revised Romanization Chungbuk Dorip Daehak
McCune–Reischauer Ch'ungbuk Torip Taehak

The campus of Chungbuk Provincial University of Science and Technology lies in Okcheon County, North Chungcheong province, South Korea. It employs about 25 professors, providing instruction in a variety of technical fields. The current president is Jin-Young, Lee.


All course offerings are at the undergraduate level, and are made through the school's nine departments: Biotechnology, E-Commerce, Foods & Life Science, Electronics & Information, Computer Information, Visual Communication Design, Environmental Engineering, Energy Systems, and Precision Mechanical Engineering.


Discussions between the Ministry of Education and the provincial government about establishing the school were an election promise made in the country's elections of 1992, which brought Kim Young-sam to power. These discussions actually began in late 1994, and official permission to establish the college was granted in 1996; construction on the campus began early the following year. The school opened its doors in 1998.

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