Chunnam Techno University

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Chunnam Techno University
Location South Jeolla, South Korea
35°16′33″N 127°07′54″E / 35.27581°N 127.13171°E / 35.27581; 127.13171Coordinates: 35°16′33″N 127°07′54″E / 35.27581°N 127.13171°E / 35.27581; 127.13171
Chunnam Techno University
Hangul 전남과학대학
Revised Romanization Jeonnam Gwahak Daehak
McCune–Reischauer Chŏnnam Kwahak Taehak

Chunnam Techno University is a private technical university in South Korea. Its campus is located in Gokseong County, South Jeolla province. The current president is Cho Sung Soo (조성수).


The undergraduate offerings are divided among four divisions (IT, International Tourism, Physical Education, and Tae Kwon Do), as well as a number of unaffiliated departments (such as automotive repair, music, and social welfare). A mixture of two- and three-year programs are provided.


The school opened its doors in 1991. It was founded by the Okgwa Foundation, which had previously established middle and high schools.

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Ties exist with universities in the following countries: Austria, Canada, France, China, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and the United States.

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