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Aragonese Union[1]
Chunta Aragonesista
PresidentJoaquín Palacín
Secretary-GeneralIsabel Lasobras
Founded29 June 1986
HeadquartersCalle Conde de Aranda 14-16, 1º 50003 Zaragoza, Aragon
Youth wingChobentú Aragonesista
Aragonese nationalism
Political positionLeft-wing[4]
International affiliationNone
Before 2018: European Free Alliance
ColoursGreen, Red
Aragonese Corts
3 / 67
Provincial deputations[5]
2 / 77
Mayors (2019-2023)[6]
19 / 713
Local Government (2019-2023)
147 / 4,155

The Chunta Aragonesista (CHA; English: Aragonese Union)[1] is a political party in Aragon (Spain), influenced by eco-socialism and pacifism. CHA defends a federal state, greater financial resources for Aragon, and the protection of the environment and hydrological resources of the Ebro Valley. It promotes the use of the Aragonese language.


The National Assembly is the highest organ of representation and decision of the Chunta. It establishes political policies, programs and principles, and chooses the members of the Mayan of Lawsuits, to those of the National Committee and to the president of CHA.[citation needed]


In the 2000 and 2004 parliamentary elections, CHA won 0.4% of the vote and 1 seat for José Antonio Labordeta, a folk singer in the Zaragoza constituency. It lost the seat in 2008 after Labordeta retired from the congress. In the 2011 election it regained the seat as part of an electoral alliance with United Left.

Chunta Aragonesista was a member of the European Free Alliance and the European coalition, Europe of the Peoples until 2018.

José Luis Soro has been the president since February 2012.

In 2005, the party campaigned against the ratification of the European Constitution.

Electoral performance[edit]

Cortes of Aragon[edit]

Cortes of Aragon
Election Vote % Score Seats +/– Leader Status in legislature
Status Period
1987 6,154 0.96% 8th
0 / 67
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0 Eduardo Vicente No seats 1987–1995
1991 14,116 2.30% 6th
0 / 67
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0 Chus Beltrán
1995 34,077 4.85% 5th
2 / 67
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg2 Chesús Bernal Opposition 1995–2015
1999 72,101 11.04% 4th
5 / 67
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg3
2003 97,763 13.71% 3rd
9 / 67
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg4
2007 54,752 8.15% 4th
4 / 67
Red Arrow Down.svg5
2011 55,932 8.23% 4th
4 / 67
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0 Nieves Ibeas
2015 30,618 4.58% 6th
2 / 67
Red Arrow Down.svg2 José Luis Soro Minority coalition (PSOE–CHA) 2015–2019
2019 41,879 6.26% 5th
3 / 67
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg1 Majority coalition (PSOEPs–CHA–PAR) 2019–present



  1. ^ a b Rendering the party's name has created some confusions due to the similarity with the Spanish word junta. The right translation of Aragonese chunta is unión in Spanish and union in English. This is clearly explained in the party regulations and, during the first years, both names in Spanish and Aragonese were used together as Unión Aragonesista/Chunta Aragonesista with the acronym UA/CHA. The word Aragonesista, too, presents problems. A more literally accurate (if less common) translation is "Aragonist," i.e. pro-Aragon, not just from Aragon (aragonés).
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