Church House, Uganda

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Church House, Uganda
General information
Type Commercial
Location Kampala Road
Kampala, Uganda
Coordinates 0°18′49″N 32°34′46″E / 0.313625°N 32.579449°E / 0.313625; 32.579449Coordinates: 0°18′49″N 32°34′46″E / 0.313625°N 32.579449°E / 0.313625; 32.579449
Construction started January 2011
Completed 2014 (Expected)
Technical details
Floor count 16

Church House, Uganda, or simply Church House, is a building in Kampala, the capital of Uganda.


The skyscraper is located on Kampala Road, the main business street in Kampala. This location lies within Kampala Central Division, in the central business district of Uganda's capital city (2011 est. pop: 1,659,600). The coordinates of Church House are:0°18'49.0"N, 32°34'46.0"E (Latitude=0.313625; Longitude:32.579449).[1]


Church House is owned by the Provincial Office of the Church of Uganda. Arrangements are underway to sell shares in the project o other Anglican dioceses and parishes in the country. When compete, the building will house the offices of the Archbishop of Uganda. The remaining space will be rented to banks, restaurants and other commercial interests, in order to raise und ay the construction mortgage. After the mortgage is retired, the income will fund other church projects.[2]


The idea to construct a building of this nature was conceived in 1965, with the aim of enabling the Church Uganda to financially sustain itself. However, earlier attempts to fundraise did not meet the set targets. The Church took those funds and bought land in different parts of the city. By selling those real estate holdings in the 2000s, the provincial office was able to raise the required 30% of the construction costs. They also secured a 70% mortgage from Equity Bank (Uganda) to complete the construction. Construction of the premises finally started in January 2011 with an initial timeline of 18 to 24 months. However, due to unforeseen delays, completion of the project is now slated for the second half of 2014.[3]

Construction costs[edit]

The lead contractor on this project is Cementers Uganda Limited, a local construction company. The initial estimate was for UGX:40.73 billion (US$16.3 million). Construction delays may have pushed those figures higher. Construction began in 2011, with an initial timeline of 18 months. As of June 2014, the building is not yet complete. The Church of Uganda contributed 30 percent in cash and Equity Bank provided a 70 percent construction mortgage.[4]

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