Church Street Station (San Francisco)

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For other places with the same name, see Church Street Station (disambiguation).
Church Street
BSicon LOGO SFmuni.svg
Muni Metro light rail
Church Street Station with a boarding T Third Street car.
Location Market, Church, and 14th Streets
San Francisco, CA
Owned by San Francisco Municipal Railway


Platforms 2 high level side platforms (Muni Metro)
1 high level side platform (Muni street-running)
1 low level side platform (Market Street Railway)
Tracks 2 (Muni Metro)
2 (Muni street-running)
2 (Market Street Railway)


22 Fillmore
37 Corbett
L Owl

N Owl
Disabled access Yes (in subway)
Opened June 1980
Preceding station   BSicon LOGO SFmuni.svg Muni Metro   Following station
One-way operation
K Ingleside
toward Balboa Park
toward Embarcadero
L Taraval
M Ocean View
S Castro Shuttle
toward Castro Street
(West Portal on AT&T Park game days)
toward Sunnydale
T Third Street
One-way operation
toward Embarcadero
J Church
Above-ground stop
toward Balboa Park
BSicon LOGO SFmuni.svg Muni heritage railway
Dolores and Duboce
F Market & Wharves
Above-ground stop
15th and Sanchez
toward 17th and Castro

Church Street Station is a Muni Metro station at the six-way intersection of Market Street, Church Street and 14th Street in the Duboce Triangle neighborhood of San Francisco, California. The station consists of two side platforms next to the tracks on the second level down with the concourse mezzanine level overlooking it.

The J Church line, which enters and exits the Market Street Subway tunnel in a portal near the station, has an above-ground inbound stop near the corner of Church and Market Streets, and an outbound stop near the corner of Church and 14th Streets. The F Market & Wharves streetcar line, running along Market Street, also has stops at the intersection. The N Judah line also exits the Market Street tunnel before reaching the Church Street station and stops one block away at Church and Duboce Avenue.

At both Church Street Station and Castro Street Station, there is only one stairway on each side of Market Street leading into the station. (All other stations on the Market Street Subway have entrances spread out along the length of the station.) One of these entrances is located on the northwest corner of Market and 14th Street, and the other is on the southwest corner of Market and Church Street.

Church Street Station is featured in the Nick Nolte/Eddie Murphy cop dramedy 48 Hours, with shots of entrances, plaza and platform levels, and train operations.

Service at this station began in June 1980.

Station layout[edit]

G Street Level Exits/Entrances
Church and 14th (Outbound)  J Church toward Balboa Park (Church and 16th Street)
Church and Market (Inbound)  J Church toward Embarcadero (Duboce and Church)
Market and 14th (Outbound)      F Market & Wharves toward 17th and Castro (15th and Sanchez)
Market and Church (Inbound)      F Market & Wharves toward Jones and Beach (Dolores and Duboce)
M Mezzanine To exits/entrances, faregates, ticket machines
Side platform, doors will open on the right
Outbound  K Ingleside toward Balboa Park (Castro Street)
 L Taraval toward 46th Avenue and Wawona (Castro Street)
 M Ocean View toward San Jose and Geneva / Balboa Park (Castro Street)
 S Castro Shuttle toward Castro Street, West Portal on AT&T Park game days (Castro Street)
Inbound  L Taraval toward Embarcadero (Van Ness)
 M Ocean View toward Embarcadero (Van Ness)
 S Castro Shuttle toward Embarcadero, 4th and King/Caltrain Depot on AT&T Park game days (Van Ness)
 T Third Street toward Sunnydale (Van Ness)
Side platform, doors will open on the right

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Coordinates: 37°46′4.13″N 122°25′44.64″W / 37.7678139°N 122.4290667°W / 37.7678139; -122.4290667