Church of All Saints, Moscow

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View from the Slavyanskaya Square

Church of All Saints na Kulichkakh (Russian: Церковь Всех Святых на Кулишках) is one of the oldest churches in Moscow, located at 2 Slavyanskaya Square. A notable feature of the church is its leaning bell-tower.

The first wooden church at this place was built by Dmitry Donskoy most likely in 1380 after the Battle of Kulikovo. In the 14th century, the place chosen for the church was far away from the border of Moscow and the word kulichki became a synonym for at the world's end or in the middle of nowhere, but now it is at the historical center of Moscow.

The church was completely rebuilt in stone in 1488 and again in the Muscovite Baroque style in 1687-89.

In 1930 the church was closed and used in 1930s by NKVD as the place of mass executions. In 1975 the building was transferred to the Museum of History of Moscow and in 1991 was returned the Russian Orthodox Church. In 1994 here was placed the cross in the memory of victims of repressions.

In 1998 the metochion of the Eastern Orthodox Church of Alexandria was moved from Odessa to Moscow and was placed in the Church of All Saints.

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