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The Church of God (Full Gospel) in India is the registered name of the branch in India of the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee, USA).


The work of the Church of God was started in India by the American missionary Robert F. Cook. Cook worked in India during the 1920s through the 1940s. After some attempts to begin a Pentecostal work in northern parts of India, Cook realized that there were ancient Christian communities in southern India, especially in Kerala. After arriving in Kerala, he fell in love with the land and the people. He crossed paths with a man named Kalloor Chacko, of Thrikkannamangal, Kottarakara. While a prominent figure in the Brethren Church in India, Chacko accepted the teachings of Cook regarding the work of the Holy Spirit. The two joined hands to establish the first registered Pentecostal church in India. It was named the Church of God. Cook, meanwhile, joined the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee). The two built the first church building on land set aside by Chacko.

A number of early leaders, including Rev. K. E. Abraham, worked hand in hand with Cook to establish numerous works in various parts of Kerala. As time went by, disagreements over doctrine and organizational structure led to many of these early leaders parting ways. Disagreement with Chacko also resulted in Cook relocating the headquarters to Mulakuzha. The founder of the Ceylon Pentecostal Mission Rev. Ramankutty, later known as Pastor Paul, also worked with Cook for some time before starting off on his own path.

Early leaders that worked with Cook in building up the Church of God in its early days in Mulakuzha include Rev. T.M. Varghese and Rev. U. Thomas. When laws were passed that forbade foreign missionaries in India, it was T.M. Varghese that served as the Field Secretary. When the church had developed to the point that it was granted its own leadership, Rev. U. Thomas served as the first Overseer.

The Church was divided into three districts. These included Kerala State, Tamil Nadu and Central Region. Kerala State was later divided into two at the request of the brothers of low caste backgrounds. The new region was named Kerala Division and is now named Kerala Region, with headquarters in Kottayam. The region of Andra Pradesh was included. The work that was started and run by Rev. Samuel John was incorporated into the Church as the Northern Region. In the 90's, under the leadership of Rev. K M Thankachan, the Central Region was divided into two regions with Mumbai as the headquarters of the Western Region and Kolkata as the headquarters of the Eastern Region. There are many departments now under the Church. They provide and undertake many activities for the believers.


Kerala State[edit]

Headquartered in Mulakuzha, Chengannur in Allaphuzha district of Kerala.

Kerala Region[edit]

Headquartered in Pakkil, Pallom in Kottayam district of Kerala. The Church of God in India (Full Gospel) Kerala divided into two, Kerala State and Kerala Region. Kerala Region is the denomination of "low caste" or Dalit Christian believers who demanded the division of the Church of God in Kerala in the early 70s because of the discrimination against their castes especially in the areas of being them deprived of participating to lead the services or congregations as well as occupying the official posts even though most of them were well educated both in Biblical and Secular. The separation allowed them to prove their abilities to run an organisation independently by the grace of God.

Andra Pradesh[edit]

Tamil Nadu[edit]

Headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Western Region[edit]

Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Eastern Region[edit]

Headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal

Northern Region[edit]

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