Church of Holy Trinity, Minsk

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Church of Holy Trinity
Касцёл Найсвяцейшай Тройцы
Belarus-Minsk-Holy Trinity Church-1.jpg
Church of Holy Trinity
Basic information
LocationMinsk, Belarus
Geographic coordinates53°54′39.9″N 27°34′47.9″E / 53.911083°N 27.579972°E / 53.911083; 27.579972
AffiliationRoman Catholic
Year consecrated1864

Church of Holy Trinity (Belarusian: Касцёл Найсвяцейшай Тройцы) also known as St. Roch on the Golden Hill is a Roman Catholic church in Minsk. In the 1930s, the church was closed and the valuables removed by the Soviet authorities. Renovation of the church started in 1983.


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