Church of Ichuac

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Church of Ichuac
Iglesia de Ichuac
Iglesia de Ichuac.jpg
Front of the church
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Location Puqueldón, Chile Edit this at Wikidata
Coordinates 42°37′S 73°43′W / 42.62°S 73.72°W / -42.62; -73.72
Criteria Cultural: (ii), (iii) Edit this on Wikidata
Reference 971-007
Inscription 2010 (34th Session)
Church of Ichuac is located in Chile
Church of Ichuac
Location of Church of Ichuac

The Church of Ichuac – Spanish: Iglesia de Ichuac – is a Catholic church in the town of Ichuac, commune of Puqueldón, on Lemuy Island, Chiloé Archipelago, southern Chile.

The Church of Ichuac was declared a National Monument of Chile in 1999[1] and is one of the 16 Churches of Chiloé that were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites on 30 November 2000.[2]

In the early 1990s, the local community in Ichuac joined together to coordinate reparations on the church and it is currently considered to be in good condition.The patron saint of the church is the Virgin of Candelaria, whose feast day is celebrated on February 2.[3]

This church belongs to the parish of San Pedro Nolasco, Puqueldón, one of the 24 parishes that form the Diocese of Ancud.[4]

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