Church of Our Lady of Remedy

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Church of Our Lady of Remedy
Црква Госпе од здравља
Church of Our Lady of Remedy as seen from behind and the Kotor Riviera.
42°25′48″N 18°46′12″E / 42.43000°N 18.77000°E / 42.43000; 18.77000
Denomination Roman Catholic Church
Founded 1518 (1518)[1]
Dedication Our Lady of Remedy (Mary)

The Church of Our Lady of Remedy (Serbian Cyrillic: Црква Госпе од здравља or Црква Марије Колеђате) is an Roman Catholic church located in Kotor, Montenegro. The church is perched on the slope of the St. John Mountain. The Church of Our Lady of Remedy dates from 1518. The church can only be reached on foot: the rocks and the stairs that lead to the structures on the slope make this church a difficult and time-consuming place to reach. Nevertheless, many tourists and local citizens visit this church daily. It can be seen from a long distance.


The oldest known building in Montenegro, dating from the 6th century, based on archaeological evidence has been found under the Church of Our Lady of Remedy.[2] An early Christian basilica, it is located close to the main city gate in the Old Town of Kotor.


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