Church of Realities

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Church of Realities
Church of Realities cover.jpg
EP by həd
Released 1995
Genre Hip hop, punk rock, rapcore
Length 45:05
Hed PE chronology
Church of Realities
(Hed) PE

Church of Realities is an extended play by American punk rock band Hed PE. Self-distributed in 1995, it was the band's first release.


The music of Church of Realities establishes the band's trademark style, which primarily fuses elements of punk rock and hip hop.[1][2] It also includes elements of funk, jazz and metal.[2]

The only two songs that are not featured on the self-titled album, or any following album are "Inro" and "Hangman." "1st Song" became "Firsty," "Spam" became "Schpamb," and "Darky," "I.F.O.," "Ground" and "Hill" kept their respective titles.


The album was independently produced by the band and distributed without a supporting label in 1995.[1]


Following the EP's release, the band changed its name, adding "PE", which stood for "Planet Earth",[3][4] and signed with Jive Records, who released their self-titled LP in 1997.[5] Several tracks from this EP were recorded for the LP.[6]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Inro" Geer/Shaine 4:06
2. "1st Song" Geer/Shaine 2:16
3. "Hangman" Geer/Shaine/Vaught/Benekos/Boyce/Young 4:44
4. "Darky" Geer/Shaine/Benekos 5:11
5. "I.F.O." Geer/Shaine/Vaught/Benekos/Boyce/Young 18:06
6. "Ground" (Hidden track) Geer/Shaine 2:09
7. "Spam" (Hidden track) Geer/Shaine 4:25
8. "Hill" (Hidden track) Geer/Shaine/Vaught/Young 4:04



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