Church of Saint George, Lod

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Church of Saint George
St Georges Church Lydda.jpg
Rooftop view, Lydda c. 1920
Basic information
LocationLod, Israel
AffiliationGreek Orthodox

The Church of Saint George (Arabic: كنيسة القديس جيورجوس or كنيسة مار جريس‎, Hebrew: כנסיית גאורגיוס הקדוש קוטל הדרקון) is one among the two major shrines for the fourth-century Christian martyr Saint George and is located in Lod, Israel.[1] The current church, built in 1870, shares space with the El-Khidr Mosque (الخضر Al-Khidr, often associated with Saint George).

Toward the end of the nineteenth century, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem received permission from the Ottoman authorities to build a church on the site of a previous basilica. The church is built over a ruined 15th-century structure, and occupies the north end of the nave and left-hand aisle of the earlier church, from which there survive two apses - which, contrary to the normal rule, face north rather than east.

The Ottoman authorities stipulated, that part of the plot be made available for a mosque. Consequently, the current Church of St. George incorporates only the northeast corner of the Byzantine basilica. The prayer hall of the adjacent mosque contains a column that once stood in the nave of the basilica. The church contains the sarcophagus of St George.


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