Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian, Stade

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Ss. Cosmas and Damian Church
short: St. Cosmae or Cosmaekirche
full: Kirche Ss. Cosmae et Damiani
Ss. Cosmae et Damiani, east façade
Ss. Cosmae et Damiani
Ss. Cosmae et Damiani
Ss. Cosmas and Damian Church
Location within Lower Saxony
53°36′06″N 9°28′34″E / 53.6018°N 9.4762°E / 53.6018; 9.4762Coordinates: 53°36′06″N 9°28′34″E / 53.6018°N 9.4762°E / 53.6018; 9.4762
Location Stade
Country Germany
Denomination Lutheran
Previous denomination Roman Catholic (till 1529)
Website St. Cosmae-St.Nicolai website (in German)
Dedication Cosmas and Damian
Associated people
Status parish church
Functional status active
Architect(s) after 1659: Andreas Henne
Architectural type Hall church
quire oriented
Groundbreaking 13th century
Completed extended in the 15th century
after 1659 Great Fire reconstructed till 1684
Spire height 62.45 m (204.9 ft)
Materials brick
Parish St. Cosmae-St. Nicolai[1]
Deanery Stade (deanery) (de)
Diocese Stade diocese (de)
Synod Church of Hanover
Senior pastor(s) Dr. Ekkehard Heise (city pastorate III)
Pastor(s) Götz Brakel (city pastorate IV)
Heike Kehlenbeck (city pastorate V)

The Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian, Stade (German: Ss. Cosmae et Damiani or St. Cosmae) is a Lutheran church in Stade, Germany.

Huss-Schnitger Organ

The church was built in the early 12th century and extended in the 17th century. The Baroque altar was crafted by Christian Precht (de) in 1674–1677, and the organ was built in 1668–1675 by Berendt Hus (de) and his nephew, the famous Arp Schnitger; the latter expanded the organ in 1688. Vincent Lübeck served as organist of St. Cosmae between 1675 and 1702.


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  1. ^ The parish, the 1834 merger of two previous congregations, upkeeps the name of the St. Nicholas Church, demolished in 1834.